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WASHINGTON — Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood’s stranglehold on power is waning, and it is waning fast.

egypt revolution 2Now, Reuters reports that Egypt is facing another revolution, this time against the Muslim Brotherhood and their leader Mohammed Morsi, who were voted in by an overwhelming margin after the end of the Arab Spring.

Tunisia is undergoing a similar process, especially after Islamists apparently killed a leading secular opposition lawmaker outside his home earlier this year.

A horrible economy, which is heavily reliant on an impending International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan, coupled with significant unemployment, disappearing food and diesel stores, disintegrating security and lawlessness have driven revenue away from normal Egyptians.

Egypt’s former dictator and U.S. ally, Hosni Mubarak, was deposed and put on trial before his health severely deteriorated during the course of the proceedings. Now, the dictator Mubarak was replaced by an equally repressive Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi faced strong opposition from secularists and pro-democracy activists over the past two years. He once decreed that his orders would supersede any interference from the judiciary, riling protesters and led to days of violent riots. He backtracked, and once that happened, some saw it as the writing on the wall for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The pro-Islamist constitution was also pushed through by a majority of Muslim Brotherhood lawmakers, which resulted in widespread riots. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have imprisoned democracy activist bloggers on a variety of charges, many of which are considered trumped-up and illegal.

The minority Copt Christians have faced uncertainty under an Islamist government since the first day of Morsi’s official duties started and protested their lack of representation within the new government. Several riots have broken out since then and several people were killed while some Copt property was damaged.

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