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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is again delaying a part of their vaunted health care reform law, ObamaCare. This delay will, no doubt, bring more criticism from the GOP over the viability of the health care law and whether it can be implemented or not. It has been called a “train wreck” by a retiring Democratic Senator and a “major setback” by a CBS producer.

obama sweatingReuters reported that the launch date of ObamaCare’s federal health insurance exchanges will be delayed, which was slated to start this October 1st.

The liberal mainstream media continues to cover up the true costs and problems facing ObamaCare, and it seems that a majority of Americans (52%) do not like it. It also does not help that Congress negotiated a loophole for them and their staff around the health care law.

In compiling their database, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) told insurance companies that they won’t sign final agreements to put the health insurance exchanges in place for another week after their pre-set deadline. Yet, HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters said that their plan is “on track to open” by October 1st.

To make matters worse, a former administration official said, “having everything ready on October 1st is not a critical issue.”

The reasons for the delay are unclear, as the Obama administration keeps information close to the vest, which contradicts Obama’s claim of how transparent a president he is. He is still battling a multitude of scandals, ranging from the intrusive National Security Agency surveillance program to IRS targeting Tea Party and conservatives to wiretapping the press.

Now Oregon and California are telling their residents that their exchanges will be delayed, when the Obama administration had praised Oregon as the golden standard for the health care law.

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