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Another Blow to ObamaCare: Wisconsin delays Medicaid Enrollment

WASHINGTON — Wisconsin has dealt another blow to ObamaCare, which has struggled mightily since its launch on October 1st of this year.

impact of obamacare [1]Reuters reported [2] that state legislators approved a delay in shifting Wisconsinites from their state’s Medicaid program to federal health insurance exchanges. The exchanges have been a monumental failure across the states, contrary to the sell job [3] that the liberal media is conducting.

The Republican-led Wisconsin Assembly voted 64-32 to approve the delay, which will help 72,000 people avoid the disastrous federal exchanges. Only 877 people in the entire state were able to sign up for the program.

ObamaCare will probably not meet its goal next March of 7 million enrollments, considering that they’ve only enrolled 200,000 Americans [4] in the first 2 months.