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Amazon to Debut Tablets with Live Help Desk Video

WASHINGTON — Amazon launched two high-definition tablets to the open market, called the Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

amazon jeff bezos kindle fire hdx [1]Reuters reported [2] that they are equipped with an on-screen helpdesk feature that could give it an edge over tablets from rivals Google and Apple.

Called the “Mayday Button”, it brings up an instant video chat with a technical support representative to help the user operate the device or do it for them remotely. It is free for HDX customers, available 24/7 and is looking for a 15-second response time.

What makes it nifty is that the user will not be seen on camera by the Amazon representative and can move the video chat box around the screen as needed.

Amazon relies on selling the tablet at close to cost of production then makes its money off of digital content such as music, video or books.