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The real story behind the new “R”-rated Fox Hollywood film on Alfred Kinsey is that the father of the sexual revolution was a pervert who knowingly used data from a Nazi pedophile.  Through his books on sex, he convinced the media and the public that people were far more liberal in their sexual behavior.  Dr. Judith Reisman of the Institute on Media Education is blunt, calling Kinsey a “Nazi pedophile collaborator.”  She wrote the important book, Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences.  The story was also told in the British documentary, “Kinsey’s Pedophiles,” broadcast several years ago.

But the know-nothings who are reviewing the film want us to believe that Kinsey was simply an honest researcher who tackled a sensitive subject.  Roger Ebert, for example, calls the film “Oscar-worthy.”  The irony is that the film comes from Fox Searchlight Pictures, a branch of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corps., the parent company of the Fox News Channel.

The Washington Post quoted Robert Knight of the Culture & Family Institute of Concerned Women for America as saying that some opponents of the Kinsey film may be reluctant to try to punish its distributor, Fox Searchlight, because it is owned by Murdoch.  Knight said, accurately, that, “Fox has a schizophrenic personality.  Conservatives appreciate Fox News Channel for bringing balance, but the Fox entertainment network, on the other hand, has clearly been the leader in driving TV into the sewer with its non-stop sexual emphasis.”

This would seem to be an opening for some of Murdoch’s competitors to draw attention to his schizophrenic approach to news and entertainment.  But over at NBC News, a show hosted by Chris Matthews hailed the Kinsey film as groundbreaking and funny.  One of his guests was David Brooks, a so-called conservative columnist for the New York Times, who said that Kinsey had simply “validated” changes in sexual behavior that were already taking place.  In fact, the evidence shows that Kinsey deliberately exaggerated those changes in a fraudulent manner by using data from pedophiles and prisoners.

Brooks went on to say that one impact of Kinsey’s work was that there is “a lot more nudity in public.”  He said he was “generally in favor” of that.  Brooks’ only concession to “social conservatives” was that the Kinsey revolution had led to skyrocketing illegitimacy rates.  And that, he indicated, was a bad thing.

As the host of the show, Matthews summarized the impact of Kinsey, noting that his work led to people having more sex at an earlier age, more pornography and more adultery.  Matthews said it was a “sexier” country because of Kinsey.  At that point, another panelist, Kathleen Parker of the Orlando Sentinel, said, “I’d like to go AWOL.  I’m sick of it.”  It’s too bad she didn’t say that about the movie itself.  This film is yet another assault on traditional values. The difference is that this one comes from Fox.  Murdoch, a foreign-born naturalized U.S. citizen, recently wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about the value of immigrants.  But dispensing trash like the film Kinsey could cause many to urge Murdoch to shape up or ship out.

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