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At the recent Accuracy in Media conference on corruption and whistleblowers, one of the most dynamic speakers was Dr. David L. Lewis, who works as a scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA. As long as he was criticizing other government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the EPA didn’t have a problem with him.

It was Dr. Lewis who exposed the potential transmission of the AIDS virus through dental drills. Because of his work, the CDC adopted new guidelines recommending that dental handpieces be sterilized before each use. They had previously been cleaned using chemical disinfectants, which fail to kill all disease-causing organisms. Despite these new guidelines, Lewis still recommends that patients specifically ask their dentists if the equipment is being sterilized before each use.

At the Accuracy in Media conference, Lewis discussed this matter, as well as one of his current campaigns, designed to upgrade CDC standards on the cleaning of medical devices called endoscopes. These are used for colon rectal cancer screening. Like those dental handpieces, they are cleaned with chemical disinfectants that don’t do the job. As a result, people getting tested for colon cancer may be getting other diseases through contaminated equipment. Lewis wants the government not only to upgrade its cleaning standards, but to consider the use of new endoscope technology developed by a New York firm, which uses a sheath and other disposable parts, so that all the parts of the instrument that come into contact with the patient can be discarded after each use.

Regarding the EPA, it is Lewis’ contention that science is being manipulated to support official policies. For speaking out, he was harassed. But when he fought back, the EPA agreed to settle the case. Citing one on-going example, he said the EPA in 1993 adopted a rule stopping the dumping of municipal wastes, mostly human sewage, into the ocean. This was designed to protect sea animals. But the change involved dumping that waste on the land, and half of that goes directly onto our farmlands. This runs the risk of people consuming agricultural products that are contaminated and then coming down with serious diseases.

Once an outbreak of a serious disease takes place, and is linked to that dumping on our farmlands, Lewis says there will be a national scandal that may affect the export of our products abroad. Lewis commented, “It’s pretty scary when a handful of non-elected government officials at EPA can decide to protect whales from potential risks and put America’s food supply and the national economy clearly at risk…”

If much of what we have reported on this broadcast is new to you, then you are a victim of the media alliance with the environmentalists that now run the EPA. The top one is EPA administrator Carol Browner. Lewis says she is not interested in basing EPA rules and regulations on science. Instead, her purpose in government appears to be “generating future campaign ads for Vice President Al Gore.” Lewis is hoping Congress will intervene, to put science ahead of politics.

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