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Were the Foster and Parks Deaths Linked

In our last commentary we discussed how Linda Tripp’s grand jury testimony supports allegations that the deaths of former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster and an Arkansas private detective named Jerry Parks may be linked. Those allegations have been made by Jerry Parks widow and are reported in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s book “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.” Mrs. Parks said that when her husband heard of Foster’s death, he exclaimed, “I am a dead man.”

We had discounted Mrs. Parks’ claim that her husband had worked closely with Vince Foster in accumulating a dossier on Bill Clinton and that he feared for his life when Foster said he was going to give a copy of that dossier to Hillary Clinton. But Linda Tripp’s description of the flurry of activity in the White House Counsel’s office when it received a fax reporting that Parks had been murdered in what was an obvious hit job two months after Foster’s death forces us to reconsider what Mrs. Parks has said.

Linda Tripp was secretary to Bernie Nussbaum, the White House Counsel. She testified that senior staff from the chief of staff’s office met with White House Counsel Bernie Nussbaum and others apparently to discuss Parks’ death. She said, “One of our staff assistants asked what was going on, and it was never addressed.” She said this was similar to the reaction when Foster died. “It was the reaction at the White House that caused me concern,” she said, “as did Vince Foster’s suicide. None of the behavior following Vince Foster’s suicide computed to people mourning Mr. Foster. It was far more ominous than that, and it was extremely questionable behavior on the part of those who were immediately involved in the aftermath of his death.”

Linda Tripp also said, “I had reasons to believe the Vince Foster tragedy was not depicted accurately under oath by members of the administration…I knew, based on personal knowledge, personal observations, that they were lying under oath. I had information even back then that was dangerous.” She concluded, “I am telling you under oath today that I felt endangered, and I was angry and I resented it. And I still do.”

The fact that Linda Tripp detected a similar reaction at the White House to the death of Vince Foster and the murder of Parks is most interesting. A Foster connection is the one thing that would explain the reaction of the White House Counsel’s office to the news of Parks’ murder.

Could it be that Clinton had learned that Foster had a copy of the dossier on him that Parks had assembled? The two manila envelopes that Foster had put in the Counsel’s office safe, one addressed to his friend and associate White House counsel Bill Kennedy and the other to Attorney General Janet Reno may have contained copies of that dossier. Those copies may have been the real object of the searches made of Foster’s office on the night of his death. Compiling the dossier may have cost Parks his life. Possessing it may have cost Foster his.