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“V for Vendetta” is one strange film that, among other things, depicts someone getting beaten and hauled away by the authorities and has a Koran hidden in his home. The Koran, the victim says, is a beautiful book filled with poetry. In real life, it serves as inspiration for those who want to kill us. Does silly nonsense like this film have an effect on the American people? The Warner Bros. film grossed $70 million at the box office.

The main theme is that a conservative administration takes power and uses fear of terrorism to control the populace. The scene is Britain and there is even a reference in the film to the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, a terrorist called “V” who wears a smiling mask wages war against the state, bombing buildings in the name of freedom from oppression. He comes across as a hero, murdered in the end by the cruel agents of the state as his corpse rides a train filled with explosives that blow up the British parliament.

The film is worth watching only because it sheds some light on the mindset of Hollywood elites who fear Bush more than radical Islam. And it highlights the role of the media in brainwashing the population. The insight is that, in the modern age, Hollywood tries to play such a role. If impressionable young people come away from this film thinking that Islamic terrorism is not a threat, then Hollywood will have accomplished its sinister objective.

In the film, the people rise up against the government, as thousands wear the “V” mask and take to the streets. Government forces, confused about how to respond, do not fire their weapons. The “people,” presumably, take back control of their government.

Its sounds like a fairy tale, and it is. It is a world in which the American people-and the populations of other Western democracies-have nothing to fear from the Muslims or anybody else. The only thing we have to fear, the film says, is our own government.

I detest an expanding federal government as much as the next conservative or libertarian. But under our Constitution, it is only the federal government that can protect us against foreign threats. That is the one thing that the federal government is supposed to do-provide for a national defense.

The real issue is not that the government has gone too far, but that it hasn’t gone far enough. Our national sovereignty is under assault by the U.N. and our national borders have been decimated by illegal aliens. If anything, President Bush has been too weak in addressing these serious problems.

The website for “V for Vendetta” says “Join the Revolution.” But the American revolution has been fought and won. The film ends with the Rolling Stones song about the need for fighting in the streets and violent revolution. In this context, it sounds like a justification for Islamic Jihad.

It’s another indication that Hollywood, which was on our side in World War II, has abandoned the cause of freedom in World War III.

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