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It pains him to say it, but Jed Babbin, a foreign policy expert and author, believes the Bush Administration is running out of gas. He means that it has essentially abandoned the tough stance Bush initially took when declaring a policy of confronting the “Axis of Evil” and saying that he wanted to spread democracy through the Middle East. Babbin cites the administration’s new policy of negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, after previously declaring that it was a non-negotiable matter.

Another example of running out of gas is the decision to restore diplomatic relations with Libya, headed by the lunatic ruler, Moammar Gadhafi. This has been portrayed as a great breakthrough because Gadhafi has given up his weapons of mass destruction programs. But he still has the blood of dozens of Americans on his hands, including the destruction of Pan Am 103 in 1988, and he has never been prosecuted for these crimes. In addition, Gadhafi remains a dictator who shows no sign of giving any freedom to the Libyan people.

Still another example of a foreign policy that is running out of gas is the meeting that took place in Washington, D.C. between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a former leader of a terrorist organization.

It got almost no attention from the media, but Rice met with Agim Ceku, the so-called Prime Minister of Kosovo. We say “so-called” because Kosovo is not a country-not yet. It is a province of Serbia that is now under occupation by foreign forces, including from the U.N. and NATO. Ceku is a former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), the terrorist group that started a civil war that led to President Clinton ordering NATO intervention in the country on the pretext that he was stopping a “genocide” being committed by the Serbs. 

Ceku, who was indicted by Serbia in 2002 for war crimes, is accused of responsibility for the murders by KLA terrorists of 669 Serbs and 18 members of other ethnic groups, 518 counts of inflicting serious bodily harm (including torture) and wounding, and 584 counts of abduction, many of the victims of which are presumed dead. Even after the end of hostilities between Serb forces and NATO, Ceku was accused of continuing attacks on Serbs, driving two-thirds of them from the province of Kosovo.

In meeting with Ceku, Rice was not only ignoring his record of violence, but lending the weight of her office to his campaign to separate Kosovo from Serbia and make it into an independent state. If this happens, it would become a Muslim state, by virtue of the fact that most of those left in Kosovo are Albanian Muslims. The Serbs, by contrast, are Christians.

The KLA, which was later disbanded and whose members were integrated into a “Kosovo Protection Corps,” was accused of engaging in jihad terror practices such as the beheading of victims. Photographic evidence depicts this.

So we are fighting Muslim terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan but helping them come to power in Kosovo?

This is a foreign policy that has run out of gas and is running on empty. Strangely, Rice is continuing the Clinton policy on Kosovo. No wonder conservatives like Babbin are throwing their hands up in despair.

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