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Our readers have reacted with outrage to our report that NBC News secretly interviewed a Taliban terrorist in Afghanistan, “Commander Ismail,” who kills U.S. military personnel. We asked: What’s next? Exclusive footage of American troops being massacred while NBC News and Commander Ismail look on and film it for the evening news?

One reader responded: “Just wanted to thank you for the report about NBC and their seditious and treasonous acts. There can be no doubt that the big media outlets in this country have tried their best to undermine this country and this President at every turn?The New York Times should be tried under the treason and sedition laws for their part in aiding and abetting the terrorist in revealing the NSA wiretapping program. These traitors have weakened this country’s defense, [they] triumph the rights of the terrorist bastard scum and blame President Bush for everything under the sun. They will stoop to ever deepening lows as evidenced by the childish and hateful behavior towards the President and the First Lady at Mrs. King’s funeral. There is no bottom to the pit these snakes come from. Keep up the great work.”

Another said: We need more articles of this caliber.  Thank you and your organization for hopefully pointing out one of the bigger problems with this war. News items and stories rarely invoke strong emotion or cause me to be physically ill. But your column today has done just that. I wanted to write you and thank you for your continued effort to highlight the treachery and betrayal that our news media regularly practices.”

Another replied: “I as an American am so appalled by the conduct of the news agencies that I lack the words to convey my disgust. I am thankful that people like you are putting into words what so many Americans feel.”

One said: “I just read your article about the NBC News people interviewing our enemy. I think in WWII if a newsman tried to interview the enemy, they would have been killed by the enemy-not like it is today?”

Another said: “Since the Viet Nam war, they have been allied to our enemies (no matter who they are) and have a sense of accomplishment in the defeat of America.  It’s too bad the American people cannot recognize treasonous acts and bring those responsible to justice. If the Rosenbergs had committed their treasonous act in today’s society, they would have been treated as heroes and been given their own nightly commentary show.”

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