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Two years after the crash of TWA Flight 800, Bill Donaldson, who has been investigating the cause of the crash for 15 months for Accuracy in Media, released a 109-page report on his findings at a Washington news conference. Flanked by Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other aviation professionals, Donaldson, an experienced aircraft accident investigator, reported that TWA 800 was downed by two powerful missiles.

The evidence he presented included strong eyewitness testimony which he had personally obtained. He showed a chart on which he had plotted where these people were when they saw the missile and where it was. Connecting the dots, he was able to show that one missile was launched about a mile off shore from the barrier island that runs along the southern coast of Long Island. Paul Angelides, an engineer, saw it go up and he said the noise shook his house.

Angelides watched the missile streaking southward toward TWA 800, seven nautical miles away, and explode. Al Gipe, a former Navy gunnery officer, was on his sail boat out at sea 25 nautical miles offshore. He saw what he thought was an emergency flare go up about 15miles north of his position. He said it looked like a tracer bullet, streaking upward, from south to north. It also exploded high in the sky a few seconds later. These were obviously two different missiles, but they both exploded almost at the same time very close to each other and close enough to TWA 800 to destroy it.

These sightings were confirmed by others. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that shore radar had recorded a large ship three nautical miles to the south of the crash site that sped out to sea doing 30 knots when TWA 800 exploded. Its size and speed rules out a merchant ship. Racing out to sea instead of heading for the accident site to see if it could be of assistance is a violation of the law of the sea and is highly suspicious. This was only one of four surface targets recorded on radar near the crash site that have not been identified. Bill Donaldson said he had tried hard to get the FBI and the NTSB to tell him what ships these were, but they claim they don’t know.

The Navy had claimed that a Navy P-3 plane and the USS Normandy, a guided missile cruiser, that was 180 miles away, were the only “assets” it had operating anywhere on the East Coast near the crash site that night. But the Press Enterprise of Riverside, California has obtained documents showing the Normandy in two different locations that night.

They also showed that the carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and its planes were involved in round-the-clock exercises along the Maryland and Virginia coasts, and unidentified submarines were participating in the exercise in an area that began less than 20 miles from the crash site. The Navy has lied about its ships and the government is lying about the cause of the crash.

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