Accuracy in Media

The issue of homosexuality has burst upon the national scene again, after groups on both sides of the issue have taken to running paid advertisements in national newspapers. The ads prompted several of the Sunday interview programs to take up the issue. One ad, sponsored by the Family Research Council and other groups, emphasized that homosexuals can change and live happy and normal lives. But it generated a stream of hostile calls to the organization’s telephones.

The reaction of the media has also been hostile. The Washington Post ran a front page story claiming that the Family Research Council ads were “against gays” when, in fact, they criticized the lifestyle, not the individual, and expressed sympathy for those caught up in it. The gay groups have claimed it is somehow hateful to point out that ex-gays exist and that the condition can be cured. But some of the hate may be coming from their side in this debate.

We saw this evidence firsthand when one of the few out-of-the-closet conservatives on network news, Peggy Wehmeyer of ABC news, recently aired an eye-opening report on how intolerance in America today is being practiced by homosexuals. Wehmeyer’s report focused on Madison, Wisconsin, supposedly one of the most tolerant and liberal communities in the nation. It turns out that the tolerance in Madison only applies to those on the political left.

The story concerned Ron Greer, a Madison firefighter in danger of losing his job. Why? Because he passed out pamphlets criticizing the homosexual lifestyle to some of his co-workers. Greer, an 18-year veteran of the department, was forced out by the new fire chief, who is widely believed to be a lesbian. However, she won’t discuss the subject of her own sexual orientation. She confirmed to ABC News that Greer was suspended on the ground that he was contributing to a hostile work environment for homosexuals. This occurred after he refused to take “sensitivity training.” She now wants him fired outright.

“Madison is supposed to be this very tolerant and diverse city,” Greer told Wehmeyer. “They are very tolerant of anything other than traditional views of morality.” But Greer didn’t let this get him down; he’s decided to run for Congress, where he thinks he can make a difference. He says, “They can take away my livelihood. They can take away my job. But I will never ever bow down to their politically correct alters and worship their god.”

Have the homosexuals reacted by saying, “live and let live?” Have they been tolerant? Heck no. Wehmeyer’s report showed militant homosexuals storming a church at which Greer serves as a part-time minister. Some of them were pounding on garbage can lids right outside the front door of the church. Others were chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, homophobia has got to go.” They also covered his yard with placards promoting homosexuality. The homosexuals talk a lot about love, but they didn’t show it in the case of Ron Greer. Peggy Wehmeyer of ABC News deserves our thanks for shining the light on homosexual hate. Her own job may now be in jeopardy.

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