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The National Geographic Channel has aired a program about people who doubt that Americans had landed on the moon. This fascinating program carefully rebutted the claims of those who still insist that the moon landings were phony.

Viewing the show reminded me of the occasional e-mails I receive trying to pin the blame for 9/11 on somebody other than Islamic terrorists. Lately I’ve been hearing from people who think concentration camps are being built around the country for Bush Administration critics.

In this connection, there are those who believe that the murder of New York Times journalist David Rosenbaum was orchestrated by mysterious forces somehow connected to the Bush Administration. One of the first websites to offer this view was described as providing “information from occupied Iraq.”

If you still don’t get it, consider that the Democraticunderground website noted that “Rosenbaum’s last piece for the Times was published on 12/24/2005, and reported that Samuel Alito had authored a 1984 memo arguing that then-President Reagan had the right to order wiretaps without warrants. Rosenbaum was mugged to death two weeks later, as Alito’s confirmation hearings are about to begin? Small world, isn’t it? And full of odd coincidences. A lot of unknowns remain regarding this story. It very well may have been a?mugging…a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?Then again, it may have been a ‘message’ to the NYT.”

The headline, “Was Times reporter assassinated?,” appeared over a story on the Daily Kos website. It suggested that Rosenbaum was assassinated in order to send a message to the “corporate media” to tow “the neo-con line.”

Meanwhile, somebody named Wayne Madsen reports that the most recent Osama bin Laden tape is “a ridiculous neo-con forgery intended to tarnish the progressive left.”  In the tape, as I noted in a column, bin Laden promotes a left-wing book, Rogue State, by William Blum. Madsen describes Blum as a “long-time Washington, DC progressive author and journalist and a friend of mine?”

He adds, “No sooner had the alleged Bin Laden tape been released, neo-con activist Cliff Kincaid was already spinning nonsense about Blum and his publisher, Common Courage Press of Monroe, Maine, being part of some sort of pro-Bin Laden progressive and liberal ‘Fifth Columnist’ grouping in the United States.”

What I said was that bin Laden’s use of the book demonstrates that he “is counting on a fifth column in the U.S. to undermine the war on terrorism and hand him a victory on the battlefield.” All of a sudden I was a neo-con activist for daring to suggest such a thing.

By the way, two street thugs have been arrested and charged with murder in the Rosenbaum case. One of the suspects was captured on videotape using one of Rosenbaum’s stolen credit cards.

There is somebody else who sees a conspiracy in world events. He found himself enveloped in a divine light and believes that he is destined to bring about the end times.

You can read a story about this fellow at Ken Timmerman’s website.  He is the president of Iran, a conspiracy nut worth paying attention to.

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