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We should take a poll: who’s the most obnoxious member of the White House press corps-David Gregory, the Cheney-hunter who called Scott McClellan a “jerk,” or Helen Thomas, who demanded at a White House press conference to know the President’s “real reason” for invading Iraq? Do these people realize how bad they make themselves-and their colleagues-look? 

The answer is they don’t seem to care. Ironically, their behavior only serves to alert the American people to the liberal media agenda.  Of course, the Americans can see through it for themselves.

Just in case you missed it, here’s what one of the members of the audience told President Bush when he talked about Iraq in West Virginia on March 22:

Q: “I have a comment, first of all, and then just a real quick question. I want to let you know that every service at our church you are, by name, lifted up in prayer, and you and your staff and all of our leaders. And we believe in you. We are behind you. And we cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done to shape our country. (Applause.) This is my husband, who has returned from a 13-month tour in Tikrit.

Bush: “Oh, yes. Thank you. Welcome back. (Applause.)

Q: “His job while serving was as a broadcast journalist. And he has brought back several DVDs full of wonderful footage of reconstruction, of medical things going on. And I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, for a solution to this, because it seems that our major media networks don’t want to portray the good. They just want to focus? (applause) ?

Bush: “Okay, hold on a second.

Q: “They just want to focus on another car bomb, or they just want to focus on some more bloodshed, or they just want to focus on how they don’t agree with you and what you’re doing, when they don’t even probably know how you’re doing what you’re doing anyway. But what can we do to get that footage on CNN, on FOX, to get it on headline news, to get it on the local news? Because you can send it to the news people-and I’m sorry, I’m rambling-like I have?

Bush: “So was I, though, for an hour. (Laughter.)

Q: “Can you use this, and it will just end up in a drawer, because it’s good, it portrays the good. And if people could see that, if the American people could see it, there would never be another negative word about this conflict.”

Accuracy in Media has produced a similar product, our film “Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope.”  It tells the story the media won’t tell.

The media want us to fail in Iraq. The people want us to win.

In response to our most recent commentary on the traitors at NBC News, who secretly arranged and then aired an interview with a Taliban terrorist killer of U.S. military personnel, we received a number of comments. They include:

?  Thank you for the article concerning NBC. Appalling.

?  Excellent article, well written, and I believe to be the truth.  It seems like “Freedom of the Press” has become a license to publish personal agendas and defame people and our nation with the protection of the law granting them the freedom in the first place.  Our national media is a disgrace and in no way protects the public’s right to know!

?  My son is in the military and I am incensed by this disgusting, treasonous, little [expletive deleted] disguised as a journalist.  Thanks for “outing” these slime merchants and continue the great work.  You are appreciated more than you know.

?  As if the Taliban/Al Qaeda/ terrorists aren’t media savvy enough, now some American media are offering their resources as an additional outlet…hardly brave reporting, it’s reprehensible and outreach for the enemy.

Those who subscribe to the hard copy of our AIM Report got postcards to send to Lisa Myers, the correspondent who narrated the report that included the interview with Taliban terrorist “Commander Ismail.”  The postcards say:

Ms. Lisa Myers
NBC News
4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20016

Dear Ms. Myers:

The report you aired about the terrorist “Commander Ismail” was a disgrace. You collaborated with those killing American troops in Afghanistan. We are left wondering what else you might think is “newsworthy.” What about going along with “Commander Ismail” while his gang of terrorists stages an ambush of American troops and massacres them while NBC News films the whole thing? Do you think this would be appropriate? Is this your idea of a “scoop?” You should be ashamed of yourself for facilitating the military and propaganda operations of the enemy.

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