Accuracy in Media

A recent New York Times article reported that California voters had approved the use of marijuana as “medicine.” But California voters do not decide which drugs are approved for medical use. The Food and Drug Administration does. The New York Times and the rest of the media are apparently unaware of this basic fact. The only way any medical “drug” is approved is by applying and proving to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the presentation of scientific data that the drug is “effective” in the treatment of a specific illness and “safe” for humans to use. Drug manufacturers do this all the time. Medical stocks on the stock market go up or down based on FDA approval of a company’s proposed drug.

No one has ever applied to the FDA with scientific proof or studies that have shown marijuana is a medicine that is “effective” for any illness, or that it is “safe.” Because there is no such “evidence.” Instead the promoters of marijuana push their product through articles on “medical” marijuana. A recent New York Times article uses the word “medical” in its headline and 5 more times in the first 4 sentences. But it never mentioned the existence of the FDA procedure.

The media also play dumb on the legal issues, suggesting that states somehow have the right to undermine the federal Controlled Substances Act, which identifies marijuana as a Schedule One drug?meaning it has no approved medical use and “high potential for abuse.” Heroin and LSD are also Schedule- One Drugs.

A basic ingredient found in marijuana is already available legally in capsule form. Called THC, it is a chemical synthesized in a laboratory and approved for medical use in the treatment for nausea. But the marijuana advocates want no part of that because it is not smoked and they cannot get their desired “high” from a pill or capsule. The existence and availability of THC are rarely mentioned in media reports on marijuana. Nor is the fact that no “medicine” has ever been smoked by the patient. That provides additional confirmation that the media push for “medical marijuana” is a scam designed to open the door for legalization of marijuana. This has been a favorite cause of the counter-culture since the 1960s.

The movement is being financially underwritten by billionaire George Soros. He is well-known as a manipulator of currencies who is sinking millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat President Bush in 2004. But a recent issue of the drug culture magazine “Heads” calls Soros the “Daddy Weedbucks” of the drug legalization agenda. He has openly declared that he wants to make most drugs, including crack cocaine, legally available.

The media conceal the fact that the state-by-state push for “medical marijuana” is merely the first step in the agenda to legalize all dangerous drugs. The media are helping this when instead they should insist that George Soros and those he bankrolls put their money into filing an application with the FDA and proving that their so-called medicine is effective for a specific medical use and is safe. Soros and the media are quacks pushing bad medicine.

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