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Since the mainstream media began reporting on some of the crimes of Clinton and his administration, many of his supporters have argued that this proves that there is no liberal bias in the media. They say that by vigorously attacking Clinton for his admittedly inappropriate sexual conduct, the media are showing conservative leanings.

Their argument is that Clinton’s behavior does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense and the American people want to put this behind them. They claim that if the media were really liberal, they wouldn’t be attacking Bill Clinton so relentlessly, drowning all of us in reports on the sex scandal. We agree that the incessant talk about the sex scandal on cable TV has been excessive. But our criticism is that the media, liberal and conservative alike, have focused on the Lewinsky matter to the virtual exclusion of other improper and illegal conduct on the part of the President since the Lewinsky story broke last January.

We think there should have been far more attention paid to the evidence that the President’s staff and friends had raised at least $720,000 in payments to the disgraced former Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell to keep him from cooperating with Ken Starr’s investigation. At least $100,000 of that had come from the Lippo Group, an Indonesia conglomerate that also contributed big bucks to the Democratic National Committee. More attention should be given to this and other large political contributions from China. What did the donors get in return? How closely was it tied to satellite and missile technology transfers that are believed to be harmful to our national security?

Travelgate, the firing of the entire White House travel staff, is another neglected scandal. We have just learned that William Kennedy, the White House associate counsel who improperly got the FBI to investigate all the staff of the travel office to see if they had embezzled funds, had been warned in advance by Dennis Sculimbrene, one of two FBI agents assigned to the White House, that this was a big mistake. Sculimbrene told Kennedy there were only two travel office employees that handled any money and that half the small staff probably voted for Clinton.

Many of the liberal journalists who overwhelmingly voted for Bill Clinton for President are now angry because he has embarrassed them with his crude sexual conduct and his lies. But that doesn’t mean that they have jettisoned their liberal opinions. Many liberals are angry at Clinton because his reckless conduct has wrecked their dreams of achieving their liberal goals.

When House Republicans voted to allocate $80 billion of the projected surplus over the next decade to tax cuts, John Cochran of ABC News, showed his liberal bias by accusing Republicans of voting for “huge” tax reductions. Cochran didn’t tell his viewers that the $80 billion in tax cuts would be spread over 10 years, and that it would reduce projected government revenues by less than one half of one percent. Bill Clinton will try to please disgruntled liberals by vetoing this tiny tax cut if it is passed by the Senate.

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