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With billionaire George Soros already on their side, the far-left can now count on tens of billions of dollars from Warren Buffett, another liberal Democrat who makes Soros look like a piker. But while Soros, a convicted inside-trader, made his fortune through money manipulation, secretive hedge funds, and betting on the rise and fall of nations and their currencies, Buffett actually invested in America and contributed to our national economy. He is to be congratulated on that. One big question is why Buffett decided to spend so much money on what Fortune magazine, which had an exclusive interview with Buffett about his future plans, euphemistically called “reproductive health, family planning, and pro-choice causes, and on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.”

The short answer is liberal guilt. It seems that once people reach a certain level of wealth, some decide to commit themselves to solving global “problems,” such as their perception that there are just too many people in the world, and that the U.S. has too many nuclear weapons. These are popular causes on the left these days. In this sense, Buffett is like Ted Turner, another billionaire. Turner, who had five children, thinks other people have too many children. Both he and Buffett have financially supported the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which believes the threat of nuclear war can be addressed by global treaties, U.S. unilateral disarmament, and the U.S. paying other countries, like Russia, to dismantle their nuclear weapons.

Except for an AP story by national writer David Crary, there has been no significant media attention paid to Buffett’s pro-life critics, who had put forward a shareholder resolution at an annual meeting of his Berkshire Hathaway urging an end to “anti-life” political donations by the company’s subsidiaries. The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, was quoted in the AP story as saying that Buffett may go down in history as the “Dr. Mengele of philanthropy” unless he stops putting his fortune into the cause of abortion on demand. Mengele was the ruthless and notorious Nazi doctor who helped Hitler implement his “final solution.”

But Buffett targets people in general, not just a particular group. In a press release, Euteneuer took aim at almost every aspect of Buffett’s agenda, saying that “Warren Buffett’s philanthropy aims at killing pre-born children not curing childhood disease, eliminating the poor not poverty, and destroying the developing world not aiding development.”

That may seem harsh. But while Gates is dedicated to “global health” issues, he, too, underwrites the pro-abortion agenda. Gates also sinks a lot of money into vaccines, some of which have been linked to serious health problems such as autism. His proposal for an AIDS vaccine, a risky venture at best, could backfire and kill more people than it saves. Like Turner, Gates has also put tens of millions of dollars into the U.N. or its agencies.

Our media over the years have depicted Buffett in glowing terms as an ordinary guy and penny-pincher who struck it rich. Buffett’s pro-abortion agenda was not usually a topic of discussion because Buffett did not want to discuss it. As Susan Stamberg of National Public Radio noted, in a broadcast made after Buffett announced that he was turning over most of his fortune to Bill Gates, the Buffett foundation “has operated quietly over the years” even while emerging as a “major funder of abortion-rights-related causes.” It’s been quiet because Buffett-and his media lackies-have wanted it so. Buffett serves on the board of the Washington Post Company, which he also invests in. That connection has certainly come in handy for him.

NPR’s Julie Rovner began her report this way: “You mean you didn’t know Warren Buffett’s foundation has been funding abortion rights organizations? Well, that’s just the way the Buffets wanted it.” Yes indeed.

Frances Kissling of the pro-abortion Catholics For A Free Choice, itself funded by the Buffett Foundation, told NPR that “It has never been the kind of place that has sought publicity.” She said, however, that “The amount of money that the Buffett Foundation has had to invest in reproductive rights, and including abortion rights, has been substantial. And has, therefore, played a leading role in supporting these efforts.”

A July 2 New York Times article by Jeff Bailey noted that, even with most of his money going to the Gates Foundation, a significant amount of money is also going to his own foundation (named for his wife). That means it will “roughly double in size to about $5 billion” and “will be able to greatly increase spending on birth control and on making abortions available.” The Times said abortion has been “supported by both Warren Buffett and his late wife, Susan Thompson Buffett” but that “He has spoken relatively little about the issue in public, and neither did she.” The media never bothered them about it.

Of Buffett’s three children, Howard, Susie and Peter, the Times said that Howard “is the only Republican in the Buffett family” and that when asked who is the most liberal of them, he “rolled his eyes” and said, “They’re all liberal.”

Even though Howard Buffett is supposed to be a Republican, it does not appear that his own Howard G. Buffett Foundation funds any Republican or conservative causes. A look at his most recent IRS 990 form shows most of his money going for the environmental movement, including saving African wildlife and the bald eagle. A review of Federal Election Commission records shows only a few political contributions, to Democrats as well as Republicans.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, also cited in the AP story, issued a strong statement denouncing Warren Buffett for providing “$2-3 million dollars to fund research and clinical trials needed to bring RU-486, the abortion pill, to market. Thanks to the Buffetts, and other promoters of abortion for population control, the drug was fast-tracked and approved under an order from President Clinton.” The result: 500,000 abortions.

Perkins said this information was necessary to consider in light of how the press has been “gushing” with recent praise for Buffett’s “charitable” activities.

The media like to say that they speak truth to power. That’s a joke in their coverage of Warren Buffett. They worship him.

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