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“Telling the Truth” seems like something elementary and ordinary, but it is a chapter in a new book edited by Karen Santorum. It has a message for children and adults alike. “Our words reflect our character,” she writes. “It’s always best to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences may be.”

It’s not political and may strike some as old-fashioned, but this new book is necessary for a society that doesn’t put a premium on truth-telling. During a time of moral relativism, we need moral men and women. The wife of Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has put together a child’s book of good manners entitled, “Everyday Graces.” She provides a selection of old and new stories in addition to her own commentaries. Karen Santorum is a nurse and an attorney but chooses to stay at home to raise her children. In remarks certain to inflame the radical feminist lobby, she is quoted on the book flap as saying, “There is no greater joy in life than to be a mother. It is the most important job I will ever have.”

There are some in the media who understand the need for this kind of book. It is endorsed by Martha Williamson, executive producer of the CBS drama, “Touched by an Angel,” who says, “The future of the world is born every day in the developing character of our children and the crucial return to basic decency must begin with them.” Other endorsements of the book come from Michael Medved and George F. Will. It is published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Senator Santorum, who emphasizes his role as a husband and father, has been deemed controversial by the liberal media. He was in the news last March because he predicted that a Supreme Court ruling in favor of homosexual rights could lead to the right to bigamy, polygamy and incest. His comments were denounced by the homosexual lobby, which called for his resignation. But as Philadelphia columnist Michael Smerconish later pointed out, when the ruling was issued by the court, Santorum was proven right. Justice Antonin Scalia said that by recognizing homosexuality as a constitutional right, the court left the door open to approval of other sexual and so-called “private” behavior that undermines traditional morality.

Senator Santorum has been in the forefront of defending the institution of marriage, which is under assault. Marriage, he says, is primarily designed for the benefit of the children it produces. “It’s not to affirm the love of two people,” he says. “?if that were the case, then lots of different people and lots of different combinations could be, quote, ‘married?’ It’s about uniting together to be open to children, to further civilization in our society. And that’s unique. And that’s why civilizations forever have recognized that unique role that needs to be?held up as different than anything else because of its unique nurturing effect on children.”

And the children is what the new book by Karen Santorum is all about. The liberals always talk about “the children.” It is a favorite cause of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let’s see if their friends at such papers as the New York Times will review and recommend it.

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