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The headline over the Washington Post article said that Virginia Governor Mark Warner had vetoed a bill to raise college tuition rates for “illegal immigrants.” But the story itself used other terms, such as “immigrants who lack federal documentation.” Other articles in the Washington Post exhibited the same politically correct tendency to avoid the use of the word “illegal.” A May 3rd article referred to “immigrants without proper documentation,” while an April 25 article referred to “undocumented aliens.”

This is how the Post and other media mask the reality of what is happening to America. An immigration Web site called points out that, “Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented’ immigrant is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest” or describing bank robbers as making “unauthorized withdrawals.” It says that using euphemistic terms other than “illegal aliens” only clouds the reality of the situation to sway the public in favor of special interest groups who favor more immigration.

The Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform says the terms “undocumented worker” and “undocumented immigrant” are often used to describe those who have broken our laws. It says these are all misleading terms, deliberately used to “soften” the issue and mislead people about the ongoing invasion of America.

Illegal aliens get many benefits in the U.S. They can receive emergency medical care at U.S. hospitals and free public primary and secondary education. On top of that, they get lower tuition rates at some colleges in some states that are normally reserved for residents of the states. Out-of-state tuition can be three to four times more expensive. That can be as high as $11,000 a year. The bill vetoed by Warner would have prohibited those lower rates for illegal aliens.

The Washington Times reported that Peter Gadiel, president of the Survivors of 9/11 Coalition and an advocate for tighter immigration regulations, said the veto “will encourage illegal aliens and will send a message they are welcome there.” Phyllis Schlafly says the lower tuition rates for illegals constitute discrimination against U.S. citizens who can’t get those rates. She says, “The advocates of this discrimination claim they want illegal aliens to get a college education so they can become productive residents. But illegal aliens cannot legally hold a job in the United States.” Some Democrats running for president, such as Senator John Kerry, are claiming they will make America safer. Kerry points out that our ports are still vulnerable. But they won’t raise the issue of illegal immigration because, like President Bush, they’re afraid to lose the votes of special interest groups.

Rep. Tom Tancredo says he has asked President Bush many times to put troops on the border to stop this invasion. The response from Secretary of Homeland Defense Tom Ridge is that it can’t happen because of “cultural and political reasons.” The political reasons include media coverage that obscures the reality of the invasion that is currently underway.

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