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The liberals always say we should try to understand the “root causes” of terrorism. So what should we make of the Wolf Blitzer interview of Mahmoud al-Zahar on CNN on Sunday, January 29, in which the Hamas co-founder rejected the concept of a secular society like that in the U.S. because it sanctions homosexuality and promotes the spread of AIDS?

Al-Zahar made similar statements in an interview with WorldNetDaily, declaring, “The West brought all this freedom to its people but it is that freedom that has brought about the death of morality in the West. It’s what led to phenomena like homosexuality, homeless and AIDS.”

On the matter of women’s rights, he said, “What we have, unlike the West, is that young women cannot be with men and have relations outside marriage. Sometimes with tens of men. This causes the destruction of the family institution and the fact that many kids come to the world without knowing who are their fathers or who are their mothers. This is not a modern and progressed society.”

If we are truly devoted to liberal values such as “tolerance” and “diversity,” then should we not take some time to understand that there are those in the Arab/Muslim world who reject the sexual promiscuity that is celebrated on American TV and in films?

One conclusion has to be that there is a form of so-called U.S. “imperialism” that is engendering hatred of the U.S. abroad, and that its vehicle is Hollywood.

Consider the story out of Indonesia, a mostly Muslim country, where there have been demonstrations against Playboy magazine. “Reject Playboy! Reject Playboy!” Muslim demonstrators shouted. “Don’t publish that filth here. Keep the Indonesian nation clean.”

Consider the case of Ishrad Manji, a Canadian lesbian feminist Muslim. Her book, The Trouble With Islam, makes some valid points, and she has appeared on several U.S. television programs. But her bio highlights her involvement with “Queer Television.” Is this what the West wants for the Muslim world?

The London Sunday Times has claimed that she has become “Osama’s worst nightmare” for her criticism of Islam. But if anything, this kind of criticism makes the terrorists fight harder. In fact, in the infamous “Letter to the American People,” attributed to bin Laden, he condemned the acceptance of homosexuality in American culture.

President Bush says the terrorists reject freedom and democracy. That’s certainly part of it. But they also reject the face of America presented to the rest of the world by Hollywood and the media. This is cultural pollution of the worst kind. It makes us more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

We should clean it up, however, not out of a fear of the terrorists, but out of a desire to keep our society healthy and wholesome, and to protect our children.

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