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If George Soros is the not-so-hidden hand behind the Democratic Party, as David Horowitz and Richard Poe maintain in their new book, The Shadow Party, then we ought to take a close look at what the Soros Open Society Institute (OSI) is doing in the sleazy area of prostitution. In the name of solving the AIDS problem, Soros-supported prostitutes are demanding their “rights.” 

The topic may seem strange to those unfamiliar with the Soros agenda. Rather than oppose dangerous conduct, such as using illegal drugs, the Soros approach is to legalize such behavior and “reduce the harm” associated with it, such as by providing free needles to addicts. This approach, which actually encourages the dangerous behavior and puts more people at risk of contracting serious diseases and even death, is now being applied to prostitution. The Soros plan is to legalize prostitution and then provide free condoms.

In the cases of illegal drugs and prostitution, the behavior would not only be legalized but taxed and regulated and thus approved by government.

It didn’t get any attention from the major media, but the cause of “sex workers” was a prominent topic at the recently concluded 16th International AIDS Conference. And one of the main forces behind this movement is the OSI “Sexual Health and Rights Project,” which pushes special “rights” for prostitutes. OSI boasts that its staff and grantees participated in over 25 conference presentations, satellite sessions and press conferences at the AIDS event.

The official conference newspaper highlighted a workshop at the conference on the subject of sex workers, HIV and human rights. The moderator, Melissa Hope Ditmore, was one of those consulted by the OSI in the June 2006 OSI study, “Sex Workers Health and Rights: Where is the Funding?” The report highlighted the role of OSI and various Soros foundations, as well as the Ford Foundation, in subsidizing “a large number of sex workers organizations,” and attacked the Bush Administration policy for refusing to fund such groups.

Newsday Columnist and commentator James Pinkerton came across some of these organizations at the AIDS conference in Canada, noting with some surprise that “The effort to ‘mainstream’ prostitution is not at all a fringe issue here. It is being waged by those at the pinnacle of the AIDS establishment-for example, Melinda Gates, who delivered the keynote speech here last Sunday, alongside her husband, Bill Gates.”

He found one group, called “Stella,” which “acknowledges funding from George Soros’s Open Society Institute.”

Pinkerton said the activists see AIDS and prostitution as “a chance to turn tragedy into an opportunity to re-engineer societies around the world?”

That is the Soros agenda as well. His purpose is to transform American society into one in which the use of dangerous drugs and the practice of prostitution are accepted and protected by the government. His vehicle to accomplish this goal, as the Horowitz/Poe book indicates, appears to be the Democratic Party.

This certainly seems newsworthy. Think about it-the billionaire that is trying to help the Democratic Party take control of both Houses of Congress has an agenda that includes legalization of drugs and prostitution. But will we read anything about that in the national media? Probably not. Led by the Washington Post, the national press has seemed preoccupied with matters such as the “racially insensitive” remarks uttered by Virginia Senator George Allen when he singled out a Jim Webb campaign operative as a “macaca” at one of his campaign rallies.

The name of the media game-get Republicans and let Soros do his dirty work.

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