Accuracy in Media

There is a crime emergency in Washington, D.C, and the problem is compounded by the failure of most of the area media to report on, not to mention examine, the racial nature of the threat that faces tourists and other visitors to the nation’s capital.

A white British tourist, Alan Senit, was murdered in cold blood by a group of three young blacks. Another black gang has been arrested for a series of assaults on the National Mall. However, there is no death penalty in D.C. and gun control laws prohibit personal possession of a firearm. That means that tourists are defenseless, except for a belated police response, and criminal perpetrators will never face the death penalty no matter how many people they kill.

When white police commander Andy Solberg warned residents of Georgetown, a mostly white area of the city, to beware of roving gangs of black youths, he was disciplined by the black police chief Charles Ramsey. It is politically incorrect to talk about who is actually committing crimes. In response to my original commentary on this problem, an area resident named Harold Cureau wrote and said:

“I couldn’t agree with you more. I wrote a letter to the editor of ‘The Examiner’ in response to an article regarding this same topic and the brutal death of Mr. Sennit. Because of cases such as this, I wish the death penalty in DC was in full force. Until the black community realizes that our biggest threat is within our own race, and the inescapable truth that black males commit more murders per capita than any other group, then the problem will become more and more  magnified.

“Until blacks in this city and region acknowledge that members of their own group are responsible for the majority of violence and carnage around here, then things will never get better. BTW, I am a black male, native of New Orleans, so believe me, it’s not just whites that agree with these sentiments. I wholeheartedly side with Solberg, and wish more people like him would stand up and speak out. His comments were not racist, but cold, hard irrefutable facts. I do not think for one minute that blacks are not welcome in Georgetown and other exclusive areas of the city. I have never felt that way in my 5 years here. The message is, however, no matter what color you are, if you cannot act in a decent and civilized manner, you are NOT welcome.

“Frankly, I don’t think Chief Ramsey is the problem here, and in fact, I think he faces a lot of resistance from blacks in D.C. I know there are a lot of things he wants to say, but cannot. I’m afraid once he does leave, the department and city will go to crap. Let’s hope not.

“To be honest with you and it pains me greatly to say this, I at one time wanted to raise a family in this area, but in a year or so, I will be moving away from this environment and to a more rural/suburban place, where at least my children can play without having to worry about bullets flying.”

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