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The extraordinary success of Fox News has alarmed liberals who have rallied around a new film attacking the network titled, “Outfoxed.”  Frazier Moore, the television writer for Associated Press, wrote one story that quoted two interesting people?Neal Gabler and Jeff Cohen.  Ironically, Gabler is a panelist on a Fox News show, and Cohen was a panelist on the same show.  The show, Fox News Watch, is devoted to media criticism.

Jeff Cohen was quoted as saying Fox News was a “consumer fraud” because it isn’t “fair and balanced.”  But it was fair and balanced enough to include Cohen as a regular panelist on a show about criticism of the media.  Frazier Moore of AP forgot to mention that fact.  Cohen left the Fox News Watch program to take a job producing Phil Donahue’s disastrous short-lived program for MSNBC.  He was replaced by media writer Neal Gabler.

Fox News Watch featured a discussion of the attack film “Outfoxed,” demonstrating that the Fox News Channel is not immune from criticism on its own network.  However, we have been seeking a clarification or correction from Neal Gabler for several weeks now about shocking comments that he made on Fox News Watch on July 3.  He referred to a “secret email” written by a reporter for the New York Times covering John Kerry, and he said it was about “how much she loathes John Kerry.”  He said this reporter and one other for the Times “bash him on a regular basis.”  We thought these comments were extremely newsworthy.  We asked him to provide a copy of this “secret” email and identify the reporter who wrote it.  We also asked him to identify the other Times reporter who bashes Kerry on a regular basis and to cite specific examples of how they do so.  We have received nothing in response.

The airing of such wild comments shows how Fox News doesn’t toe the conservative line.  Fox News host Bill O’Reilly absolutely denies being a conservative and was the subject of one of our AIM Reports for his confusing and contradictory stands on issues ranging from gay rights to global warming.  He has been bested on the air by conservative Ann Coulter, who has exposed O’Reilly’s lack of knowledge about Joseph McCarthy and communists in Hollywood.  Trial lawyer Greta Van Susteren, who came to Fox News from CNN, is another non-conservative.

Ironically, the official premier of the anti-Fox film included a panel on media reform hosted by The Center for American Progress, the group funded by convicted insider-trader George Soros.  The group’s president is former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, who was a guest on Fox News Sunday on June 20.  We suspect the attacks on Fox News right before the election are mainly designed to intimidate the network into giving more airtime to people like Podesta.

In that regard, it’s interesting to note that Lanny Davis, former counsel to Bill Clinton, was recently signed to do appearances on the network.  It’s also interesting to note that Socialist Rep. Bernie Sanders has joined the attack on Fox as a Republican network when his own website highlights his own appearance on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News program.  Sanders never met a microphone he didn’t like, even if it is on Fox.

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