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The November 23rd edition of Meet the Press seemed to offer two different views?James Carville for the Democrats and Mary Matalin for the Republicans. But on the issue of homosexual marriage, they told host Tim Russert that they were in agreement with Vice President Cheney, who had said it was a matter that should probably be left with the states. Left unsaid was the fact that Matalin is a long-time advocate for the homosexual movement and her views are way out of step with Republican voters.

The Cheney opinion was uttered before the Massachusetts Supreme Court ordered the legislature to approve homosexual marriages, and before the implications of this decision were considered on a national basis. A recent Pew opinion poll found that a solid majority of the public, 59 percent, opposed homosexual marriage. What’s more, most Republicans AND Democrats opposed it. The figure in the GOP was that 78 percent of Republicans opposed homosexual marriage. But Mary Matalin told host Tim Russert that she didn’t know what the Republican position would be, and that “there’s a divergence of views in the Republican Party, just like there is in the country.”

Considering those poll numbers, that was a mighty strange statement. On this critical issue, Matalin definitely does not represent the views of most Republicans or even most Democrats. As former Clinton adviser and open homosexual David Mixner has said, “Mary Matalin, without a doubt, is one of the strongest voices within the Republican Party advocating equal rights for lesbians and gay men.” But there she was on Meet the Press, misleading a national television audience by saying there was a divergence of views within the GOP.

Russert thinks it’s entertaining to have Carville and Matalin, a married couple, on the same show arguing about politics. Usually they do have disagreements. But it was a major mistake for Russert to go to Matalin for the Republican view on homosexual marriage. She should have deferred, in view of her history of activism on behalf of the homosexual movement. She has been a big booster of the so-called Log Cabin Republicans, who push for approval of the homosexual lifestyle. Matalin has said that Rich Tafel of the Log Cabin Republicans has been doing “God’s work.” She has also said that one reason she became pro-gay was reading the work of Andrew Sullivan, “who is one of my heroes.”

Sullivan was one of the guests on one of the other Sunday interview programs, ABC’s This Week. He was on a panel discussing homosexual marriage with Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, author of a constitutional amendment on the matter, Rep. Barney Frank, and George Will. has noted that Sullivan is HIV-positive and was caught using the Internet to seek out opportunities for having unprotected sex with other men who are also infected with the AIDS virus. Barney Frank was reprimanded by the House of Representatives for having a relationship with a homosexual prostitute. But their curious backgrounds are not usually considered newsworthy by the media.

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