Accuracy in Media

There is a story going around about a woman writing to Dear Abby saying that for over thirty years she had been married to a louse who had been unfaithful to her from the beginning. She had threatened to expose him publicly and leave him, but she feared that ruining his career would make life more difficult for herself and her daughter. Now she had a good job and the daughter was grown up. Signing her letter “Fed Up,” she asked what she should do. Dear Abby responded, ” Dump the louse. You don’t need him now that you are the junior senator from New York.”

This is one of many things that help explain why Senator Hillary Clinton has executives at Simon & Schuster biting their nails, wondering when they are going to see the manuscript of the book that they gave her a $2.85 million advance to write. They were planning to publish it this year, but according to the Drudge Report, they don’t even know what the title will be. It was supposed to go to the printer in May, but they are obviously not going to be able to meet that deadline.

Drudge quotes a Clinton intimate as saying, “The writing is wonderful, touching, and will lift Hillary to a new level of respect.” That is what Hillary would like, but there is so much derogatory information about Hillary and Bill that the ghostwriter must be struggling to figure out how to handle the seamy side of their life together. If it is glossed over, critics are sure to pounce on the troublesome omissions. One of them will surely be the fact that Bill was not the only one who was unfaithful.

There is abundant evidence that Hillary had a long-running affair with Vincent W. Foster, Jr. that began when they were partners in the Rose Law Firm. The Arkansas state troopers who exposed Bill’s numerous assignations also told of trysts involving Hillary and Vince. They say that when Bill was out of town, Foster spent a lot of time in the governor’s mansion. They are not the only ones who have exposed the relationship. A close friend of Mrs. Foster’s has said that she came to Washington to save her marriage and that at Vince Foster’s funeral Hillary was excluded from the gathering of family and close friends that preceded the services.

What is more disturbing than their affair is Hillary’s role in covering up evidence that Foster did not commit suicide. Six days after Foster’s death, a note was allegedly found in Foster’s briefcase. It didn’t mention suicide, but it was called a suicide note. It bore no finger-prints. Hillary was one of four who examined it in Bernie Nussbaum’s White House office to decide if it could pass as Foster’s handwriting.

The validation of the handwriting was weak. When private experts saw it two years later, five said it was a forgery. A note showed that someone at the meeting said, “better if discovered by someone other than Bernie.” Credit for its discovery was shifted from Nussbaum to his assistant. That distanced Hillary from the note if the forgery was detected. This shows that all four knew the note was forged. The note helped cover up the overwhelming evidence that Foster was murdered. Hillary’s book will not tell why she approved it.

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