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It is fashionable these days to be in favor of allowing homosexuals to become adoptive or foster parents. A typical argument is that kids need homes and that a homosexual household is better than nothing. But a new study, based on analyzing stories in the media about the sexual abuse of children, suggests that placing such children in such a situation increases the risk of them being sexually abused.

Traditionally, children were not placed in the hands of homosexuals. But that policy has changed as the so-called “gay rights” revolution has taken hold. Today, 22 states allow gay adoptions more or less routinely. Some homosexuals choose not to declare their sexual orientation during adoption proceedings and get the kids under false pretenses.

A study by Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute shows the danger in that. State agencies in charge of placing children with foster parents don’t provide information about whether they were homosexual or not. So Cameron used a data base of regional and national newspapers called Academic Universe. Most of these publications were in the United States. Examining all editions from 1989 through 2001, he read every news story that included the phrase “child molestation.” He assumed that if the sexual behavior reported involved two males, the molesters were homosexual, and if the behavior involved people of the opposite sex, the molesters were heterosexual.

He reported that he found 30 stories about molestation of foster children. In 22 of the cases, foster children were sexually abused by their foster parents. Of those, 15, or 68 percent, involved homosexual molestation. Cameron explained, “For example the Washington Post reported that an unmarried man who had had boys placed in his home for 10 years was charged with engaging in sex with one of his foster sons? The San Diego Tribune reported on an openly homosexual foster father whose live-in partner was a convicted homosexual child molester. Not only did the foster father rape his 11-year-old foster son, but offered him to others interested in sex with little boys. At least three took him up on the offer.”

Cameron says the available evidence from press accounts suggests that foster children should be kept out of homosexual households. Incredibly, however, the Focus on the Family Citizen magazine has published a story about a California case in which two married Christian couples wanted to adopt a boy only to have the county government place the child with two homosexual men who eventually adopted him. Laurie Ellinger, who wanted to be Adam’s mom, said the 4-year-old boy knew only one word, “mama,” when he was placed with the homosexuals. “And he has no mama now,” she says.

The magazine says the foster parent shortage should be addressed by cutting the red tape preventing married couples from obtaining children. A social worker in Missouri told the magazine he was fired for refusing to place children with homosexuals, and that the state agency tried to stop Christians from becoming foster parents. You can read the full story in the February issue of Citizen magazine.

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