Accuracy in Media

Despite platitudes about the public’s right to know, there are some things the media don’t want you to know?such as that communists still exist and are trying to manipulate domestic and world events.  On several occasions now, a communist group called the Workers World Party has staged demonstrations in Washington, D.C., against the war in Iraq under the banner of a front group called International ANSWER.  But Manny Fernandez of the Washington Post can always be counted on to promote the protests and ignore the communist sponsorship.

The June 5 demonstration was no exception to this rule.  He produced a puff piece distributed by International ANSWER in an email to its supporters.  In the story, which read like a press release for the demonstration, Fernandez reported that, “Activists with International ANSWER, an antiwar, anti-racism coalition that has sponsored some of Washington’s biggest demonstrations against the war in Iraq, plan to rally at the White House and then march to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld’s home in Northwest Washington.”  Fernandez, of course, forgot to mention that ANSWER is a front of the communist Workers World Party (WWP), a group that supports communist North Korea.

Fernandez quoted Brian Becker, said to be “a national coordinator of ANSWER,” as saying, “We believe that our movement is getting stronger while the Bush administration’s standing is getting weaker.”  Fernandez failed to note that Becker is a leading member of the WWP who has traveled to such hot spots as Pyongyang, North Korea, and Havana, Cuba, to express solidarity with the international communist movement.

Communist influence in Hollywood has become an issue again, with the disclosure by the Communist Party newspaper, the People’s Weekly World, that the late actor, John Randolph, was a proud member of the party.  Randolph was described by AP as “a prolific, Tony-winning character actor who played Roseanne’s father in Roseanne and Tom Hanks’ grandfather in You’ve Got Mail…”  Stories about his death in the mainstream press had noted that Randolph had been asked about his Communist Party membership by the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities [HUAC] but had refused to answer.  CNN reported that his film career had been “hobbled in the 1950s because of the blacklist” but he had “chalked up dozens of roles in later decades.”  Indeed, he never seemed to suffer for a lack of roles and reportedly died a rich man.

The story in the People’s Weekly World quotes his daughter, Martha, as saying at his memorial service: “My parents refused in 1955 to answer HUAC, using the 5th Amendment, so as not to implicate others.  It is my great privilege to answer tonight …Yes, they were members of the Communist Party.”

The People’s Weekly World says that actor Mike Farrell was among those at the memorial service for Randolph., in an article by Jean Pearce, described Farrell as a “Marxist sympathizer, militant anti-American [and] selective pacifist with a disdain for the American blood that flows through his own veins.”  Ronald Reagan fought the communists in Hollywood.  Mike Farrell honored one of them.

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