Accuracy in Media

      First it was the Boy Scouts. Now it’s the Salvation Army. The media have a bias against organizations that don’t want to sanction homosexual behavior. An opportunity to pummel the Salvation Army came when the Washington Post discovered that the Bush Administration was considering a regulation to exempt the Army from laws requiring the organization to hire open gays and approve homosexual relationships. This became a big story on the evening news broadcasts, especially CBS and NBC. The Post followed with a story claiming that the Salvation Army’s image had been shaken by the “gay bias flap.”

      But the real story is how the Bush Administration caved in to media and gay pressure. In response to the flap, the administration agreed not to issue a regulation protecting groups like the Salvation Army from gay hiring ordinances. The administration was considering such a regulation because the Army was considering support of the President’s faith-based initiative to broaden federal funding of religious charities. It took the administration only one day to capitulate after the Post created the flap. It did not want to appear as “anti-gay.”

      Rabbi David Eidensohn, director of the National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists, said, “This flip-flop shows that religious people in America have to give their tax money so that gays can destroy religion. The pro-family majority doesn’t even get a few crumbs for doing social work, unless we tear out that page in the bible that calls homosexuality an abomination.”

      It’s important to note that there is absolutely no evidence that the Salvation Army discriminates against gays in its provision of social services. Indeed, the Post acknowledges that the group recently built a $12 million center for families of people with AIDS in Los Angeles. The Army also acknowledges that it has probably hired gays but it tries to avoid hiring open homosexuals for leadership positions within the organization.

      Because White House political adviser Karl Rove was involved in the discussions with the Salvation Army, the Post regarded the matter as a political scandal, in which the group was seeking a government favor in return for support for the president’s initiative. All of that was dropped after the Post story appeared. But we find it fascinating that White House efforts to curry favor with homosexuals never reach the level of scandal for the Post.

      Concerned Women for America has issued a very detailed analysis of the administration’s handling of gay issues, noting homosexual influence in the White House. The report says Mary Matalin, an adviser to Vice President Cheney and wife of James Carville, has raised money for the gays and has stated that the Republican Party should disavow so-called “gay bashers.” The White House has even appointed an open gay to run the White House Office on AIDS, something Bill Clinton never did. But none of this reaches the level of a scandal or even a controversy for the Post. The CWA report earned only a few paragraphs on an inside page of the paper, sending a clear message to the White House.

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