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The media recently celebrated Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech about the promise of a color-blind society. But a civil rights organization called has sent over 300 press releases to the major media showing not only that federal agencies are using quotas in the hiring of minorities, but that they are exceeding their quotas by enormous margins. The results, obtained through an analysis of a report issued by the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), demonstrate massive federal reverse discrimination against white males. Tim Fay, chairman and founder of, said his analysis of the OPM data “has not received any coverage whatsoever.”

The OPM report was supposed to be about “Federal Equal Opportunity.” But Fay says it has nothing to do with equal opportunity. It is about massive overhiring of protected racial groups. His analysis shows that the federal government continues to hire a far higher percentage of minorities than their proportion in the civilian work force. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, for example, has employed 614% more blacks than their proportion in the civilian workforce, and the U.S. Department of Education employed 473% more blacks.

The protected minority groups include blacks, Hispanics, Asians/Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and women. The OPM Report for 2003 shows that, of the new federal jobs created, only 22.9% were filled by white males and other “non-minorities.” Tim Fay comments, “It wasn’t a very good year for white guys to apply for a federal job.”

While there is obviously no such thing as “overrepresentation” for the protected or preferred minorities, there is such a thing as “underrepresentation.” And that’s what gets the press attention. Federal Times newspaper ran a story under the headline, “New Push for Diversity: OPM Moves To Address ‘Underrepresentation’ in Senior Ranks.” The story noted that, “Overall, percentages of blacks, Asians and American Indians in virtually all federal pay grades meet or exceed those of the national work force overall. But in the Senior Executive Service and equivalent senior pay grades, all minority groups are underrepresented as compared with their percentage in the national work force overall.”

The terms “meet or exceed those of the national work force overall” reflect what Tim Fay calls overhiring. But rather than focus on that, the media now want to push for ever more hiring of minorities, to the detriment of white males and other “non-minorities,” in senior ranks. And the Bush administration is behind such a push.

Tim Fay points out that, “In order to push minorities into those positions the feds have to bypass a really enormous group of whites who should get the senior jobs. The only way to do that is to reduce qualifications and/or to practice outright discrimination against the white guys and often against Asian Americans as well.” So the reverse racism that is now being practiced may get worse in the years ahead. But that’s not a story for the media.

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