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The pro-gay bias of the Washington Post was on display again when national security correspondent Vernon Loeb wrote a story about gay congressman Barney Frank’s appearance at the CIA to speak to its gay employees. Loeb said it reflects a break with the agency’s “homophobic” past. This term “homophobic” is pushed by the gays themselves to smear their opponents. You can’t find the term in some older dictionaries. Critics of the gay lifestyle are said to be “homophobic” ? that is, they have an irrational fear of gays. But the gays themselves, who engage in dangerous sexual practices involving pain, and lie about it, are supposed to be normal.

The story itself deserves to be told, and it says a lot about the direction of the government under the Clinton Administration. Loeb, however, was careful not to tell the truth about Barney Frank, who was reprimanded by the House of Representatives after his relationship with a gay prostitute became known. The prostitute, Stephen Gobie, ran a prostitution ring out of Frank’s house, although Frank claimed he didn’t know anything about it. Frank also tried to fix some parking tickets for Gobie, who had been selected as Frank’s lover after running an ad in the Washington Blade promoting himself as a “hot bottom.” Loeb said nothing about Frank’s sleazy past.

If you want to know why we have security problems in this country, one reason is contained in the Loeb article. He says gay intelligence officers came out of the closet after Clinton signed an executive order in 1995 prohibiting the denial of security clearances based on sexual orientation. In other words, these gay intelligence officers had been lying about their own sexual orientation. This made them targets of blackmail.

The New York Times story about Frank’s appearance also failed to mention his unsavory past. It dwelt on Frank’s comments to the agency employees. He told the Times that CIA director George Tenet said he was actively recruiting gays. Perhaps Tenet will start running CIA recruitment ads in the Washington Blade, where Gobie ran his “hot bottom” ad.

Personal ads in the paper feature products and services from a “leather master” who offers kinky sex, and a spank me hard dot com web site. Down the road, the CIA and the National Security Agency, which also sent open gays to hear Barney Frank, may recruit men who dress as women, and vice versa. After all, the transgendered also want their rights.

This tragic story is compounded by the waffling of Congressman Porter Goss, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who was quoted as saying he wasn’t going to make a moral judgment about the event and that he could take either side of the argument. There was no reported comment from Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, who recently met with a group of open gays and said he came out of that a better person. Asked by some advocates of traditional morality to meet with a group of ex-gays, the Bush campaign has sent a form letter brushing them off. It looks like Gore and Bush will continue the Clinton policy.

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