Accuracy in Media

The news media have been engrossed with stories relating to Roman Catholic priests abusing young boys. This is a huge scandal about abuses in the Catholic Church that have been going on for decades. The attention now being given to them by the media is forcing the church hierarchy to take action to see that the offenders are rooted out and appropriately punished.

But the media have paid no attention to a book-length report by an organization called Human Rights Watch titled No Escape on a study of inmates in American prisons raping other male prisoners. This report says that brutal gang rapes are common in our prisons. It is estimated that prison rapes total about a hundred and forty thousand a year. That far exceeds the sexual abuse of young boys by Catholic priests. The Catholic Church has been sued or threatened with suits by many of the victims of its pedophile priests. Our prisons should also be held accountable for sexual attacks on men in their custody.

Human Rights Watch is primarily dedicated to exposing all manner of human rights violations around the globe. The study cites evidence that homosexuals incarcerated in prisons appear to be prime targets of the sexual predators. It collected many first-hand accounts of how new inmates who are not strong enough to defend themselves are seduced, coerced, raped and enslaved in many of our prisons. The only report of the Human Rights Watch study we have seen is one by Jared Taylor in the American Renaissance newsletter.

Taylor says that whites are the targets of blacks and Hispanics, who greatly outnumber white prisoners. He says they rape with impunity whites who lack protectors. The Human Rights Watch report says that tough inmates will even fight each other for an opportunity to rape an effeminate young white. It tells shocking stories of slavery in prison ? men who chose to become the sex slave of one man rather than be subjected to violence and gang rapes. Taylor says, “Once a man owns another… he is property in every sense. He can be rented out, sold or auctioned, told how to dress and talk, and given a woman’s name. That this can happen is essentially unknown outside the prison world. One inmate said, ‘You can buy a kid for twenty or thirty dollars. They sell them like cattle.'”

Taylor says that Human Rights Watch could not find a single case in which a prisoner was charged with rape. He says that lengthening the sentences of the rapists would be a strong deterrent. Police have rape kits that are used to collect DNA, which makes it easy to find those who commit rapes in prison. A few of the victims have sued the prisons successfully, but No Escape explains why such suits are hard to win.

The victims have to prove that the prison officials knew of the risk to the victims and did nothing to protect them. It is not enough for the victim to argue that the risk was so obvious that a reasonable prison official would have noticed it. If the officials were required to use DNA to identify the rapists and then failed to keep them away from their victims, civil suits against them should stand a better chance of success.

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