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The News Alert blog points out a strange twist in the Ben Domenech affair. While some on the left were “seeing red” over the Washington Post hiring this young conservative writer as a blogger, the Post was already running a regular column by Harold Meyerson, a Socialist who has described the Communist Manifesto as relevant to today’s economic problems. Needless to say, the left raises no ruckus over that.

Domenech, of course, came under attack initially because he was a conservative with strong and controversial views. He was supposed to counter Post online columnist Dan Froomkin, a committed liberal. But Domenech’s plagiarism was his ultimate undoing, forcing his resignation from the Washington

We have talked about Meyerson in the past, noting in a previous Media Monitor that while Meyerson is described by the paper as “editor at large of the American Prospect and political editor of L.A. Weekly,” he is, in fact, a socialist affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America (DSAUSA).

One of the complaints against Domenech was that he was a partisan writer once affiliated with the Republican Party. Clearly, however, Meyerson is a socialist on the far-left fringe of the Democratic Party, and there’s no outcry over this. 

The News Alert blog found a speech Meyerson gave to the DSAUSA, in which he talked about going back and reading the Communist Manifesto and discovering that Karl Marx was so prophetic that he was actually “writing about 2005.” Meyerson went on to say, “Michael Harrington managed to work Marx into lots of talks, so I’m going to take my stab at it, too. What Marx did is he looked at an acorn and described an oak, before anyone had ever seen an oak. We live in the age of the oak. The acorn has grown up. And our task as socialists, as well as our task as progressives, is not only to immerse ourselves in struggles but also to understand this world and to understand what folks have to do so they can live decent, fulfilling lives.”

Our previous Media Monitor had noted that “A socialist implies opposition to capitalism and big money. But Meyerson broke the mold [in 2004] when he showered praise on multi-billionaire George Soros for spending millions to elect John Kerry and other Democrats on November 2nd. The effort failed, but Meyerson thought it was great that a global capitalist had privatized the Democratic Party through loopholes in campaign finance law.”

So Meyerson is a socialist who wants to transform America by using the money of a global capitalist. That’s a curious mix of communism and capitalism.

We’re still waiting for the Post or to hire somebody to counter Meyerson AND Froomkin.

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