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Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz has said that it is “Absolutely relevant information” that fired CIA officer Mary O. McCarthy was a major financial contributor to Democratic Party causes. He made the statement because of criticism of a Post profile of McCarthy, which curiously omitted that information.

Strangely, however, Kurtz had been listed at the end of that article as a staff writer who contributed to that report. But he says he had nothing to do with the finished product. Kurtz said, “I had nothing-zero-to do with that story. I was asked to make some calls from home and not a syllable of my material was used. I did not read it before publication and had no idea what was going to be in it.”

Kurtz added, “I think it was a mistake not to include Mary McCarthy’s Democratic contributions as a detail that might provide a clue about her motivation.”

What this means is that the Mary O. McCarthy scandal could unravel a network of Democratic Party operatives reaching into the Post itself.

If politics motivated McCarthy, could politics have motivated Dana Priest?

We do know that Priest authored a vicious attack on Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), a major critic of the CIA. Priest authored the attack on Weldon without contacting the congressman. We wrote about it in our AIM Report. And it turns out that fired CIA officer Mary O. McCarthy contributed to the campaign of Weldon’s congressional opponent.

Now isn’t that interesting?

One thing is certain: don’t look for any investigative stories from the Post into this mess.

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