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We were skeptical when we received an email message from a group called Mission America saying that the Oprah Winfrey show on May 12 had aired a show on men wanting to be women, and vice versa, through sex-change operations.  But the message wasn’t just about men and women.  It was about boys and girls.

The transgendered is the latest dangerous fad associated with the gay rights movement.  But boys wanting to be girls?  Certainly Oprah would not go down that road, would she?  Unfortunately, we went to Oprah’s website and found a program titled, “The 11-year-old Who Wants A Sex Change.”  The teaser for the show declared, “Meet children who say they were born in the wrong body.  One is only 11 years old?and wants a sex change.”  Then we found another show, “The Husband Who Became a Woman.”  It said, “For 40 years, Jenny Finney Boylan was known to everyone as James.  James was a husband and a father, a popular professor and a successful novelist.  But James was hiding a shocking secret?he knew he was a woman inside a man’s body.”

Oprah’s website also directed people to, advertising a film scheduled to air on HBO/Cinemax this summer.  “Uncle Bill is becoming a woman!,” says the site.  “This lighthearted and poignant documentary profiles three sisters, ages 6, 9 and 11, struggling to understand why and how their Uncle Bill is becoming a woman.  These girls love their Uncle Bill, but will they feel the same way when he becomes their new Aunt Barbara?”  It is recommended that the film be used as a “resource” for sex education in the K-12 grades.

The Mission America article by David Kyle Foster noted that the Oprah show he saw amounted to an infomercial for sex-change operations.  He said, “As with the rest of the media elite, what you often witness these days is a carefully crafted infomercial for themselves and their pet doctrines.  For example, you will not see a show devoted to those who have come out of the gay lifestyle.  Nor, it seems, will you see one with people who have emerged from the hell of transsexualism.  Oprah has decided that it is okay now, even it seems, for the youngest of children.”

The perceived need for a sex change stems from a mental disorder causing a person to hate his or her own body.  Oprah celebrated this disorder as a healthy change in lifestyle.  But she’s not the only one doing so.  HBO has already run a film, “Normal,” on the subject, and a new “all-gay” cable network is being launched by Viacom’s MTV focusing on the gay and transgendered.  MTV, of course, produced this year’s controversial Super Bowl halftime show.  Viacom is also the parent company of Blockbuster, CBS, and Nickelodeon.

Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute reports that Nickelodeon, a children’s network, is already running a “public service announcement'” encouraging voting that features a young man talking about how the government decides many important things, even whom he can marry.  So schoolchildren are now being told that equal rights means gay marriage.  The moral corruption that produced the Iraqi prisoner abuse story is alive and well on broadcast and cable TV.  It will produce more damaged and destroyed lives.

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