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They hyped the new liberal radio network, Air America, which appears to be running out of gas and heading for a crash landing.  Now the liberal media are promoting Michael Moore’s new film, Fahrenheit 9/11, which just won an award in anti-American France.  MSNBC called it Moore’s “historic win.”  It amounts to a campaign commercial for John Kerry for president.

A posting on the website,, notes that Moore, who is trying to discredit Bush’s Iraq war policy in the film, “is using footage of the parents of dead soldiers, as well as footage of soldiers in Iraq, among other things?Doesn’t that make him a war profiteer?  Why is he making money off Iraq?  Isn’t that why Halliburton is wrong?  Doesn’t he criticize those who would profit from war?  Yet here he is, about to pocket huge sums of money from war.”

Attacking the war while profiting from it is one of several double standards that may benefit Michael Moore.  A working-class hero who is a multimillionaire, Moore is over 300 pounds and sometimes lectures against capitalist over-consumption.  In addition to, there are other websites now in existence which will draw attention to his questionable record and statements.  Fahrenheit 9/11 is described by as a film that “stokes a nation’s fear for profit.”  Moore is being exposed in the new book, entitled, Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man.  The authors, Jason Clarke and David T. Hardy, say, “Moore shows the greatest disdain for that which he actually is . . . a very rich, pasty white American male.” says that conservatives who denounce Moore as a leftist are mistaken because “the serious left, the thinking left, generally finds him appalling.”  Some think he’s a moneygrubber.  Challenging him on his devotion to the left-wing cause, urges Moore to release Fahrenheit 9/11 for free?on the Internet ?before its theatrical release, in order to prove “that his message is more important than his income.”  An online petition says, “Moore’s critics argue that he is no different from the businesses he derides such as Halliburton that are, in Moore’s own words, ‘War Profiteers.’  We challenge Mr. Moore to prove his critics wrong, and to prove that the message of his new film takes precedence over his personal profits.”

One of Moore’s films, Roger & Me, has some amusing moments when Moore tries to interview the head of General Motors about closing an auto plant in Flint, Michigan.  But Mike Wilson, who’s trying to produce a film, entitled “Michael Moore Hates America,” has been trying to get his own interview with Michael Moore.  He’s been trying for a year.

Another website,, documents the fact that Moore’s Oscar-winning anti-gun documentary, Bowling for Columbine, is filled with inaccuracies, misleading statements and staged scenes.  The website does the same thing.  Richard Bushnell says, “Michael Moore persuades his viewers by deceiving them, and this site exists for those who wish not to be fooled.”  But it looks like the media, in their eagerness to help Michael Moore and John Kerry, like to be fooled.

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