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New Developments In The Shepherd Death

In their rush to demonize conservatives for the death of homosexual student Matthew Shepard, the media glossed over the circumstances of his death. His murder was a disgrace and a tragedy. But how did it come about? Was he just picked out of the wild blue yonder and killed for being gay?

In an earlier broadcast, we alluded to scattered reports that the murder grew out of some kind of a confrontation in a bar. Now, Newsweek magazine reports that Shepard had apparently tried to pick up another man in another setting. In this incident, Shepard was slugged and knocked-out. Shepard later claimed that he had been raped but the police could not confirm it.

The Newsweek revelation has been seized upon by David Morrison, writing in the New York Post. Morrison, who is a former gay activist, suggests that Shepard may have been among the group of homosexuals who go after sex in public or semi-public settings. Morrison writes, “That a significant number of men desire and pursue public sex under dangerous circumstances should influence the conversation about including sexual orientation in hate-crime laws.” The clear implication is that these homosexuals are extremely aggressive in their behavior and may be inciting aggressive reactions in the targets of their affections. Could that be what happened in the case of Matthew Shepard?

Morrison said it is not yet clear that Shepard?s death occurred in this kind of context. He reportedly left a bar with one of those who allegedly participated in his murder. The defendants in the case will have to describe exactly what happened before the murder took place. In any event, Morrison cites an abundance of evidence that homosexuals do engage in this kind of activity. For example, Morrison notes that there is a web site devoted to the practice of “cruising”—that is, men picking up and having sex with other men. The web site tells homosexuals where to go in various cities to have sex in semi-public areas. In some cities, homosexuals are given detailed maps and instructions on where they can go. Some of the destinations are public parks and bathrooms in department stores.

This is disgusting behavior and no one really wants to talk about it. But an understanding of this subculture is necessary when considering passing hate crime laws to protect homosexuals. Here?s how Morrison puts it: “Of course, the existence of a public-sex subculture and Shepard?s possible participation in it cannot excuse what happened to him…No one deserves to have his life taken in a tortuous way. Yet the fact that a significant number of men strongly desire and pursue public sex under occasionally dangerous circumstances should influence the ongoing conversation, spurred by Shepard?s death, about the necessity of including sexual orientation in hate-crime laws.”

These hate crime laws are being pushed under the pretext that gays are being picked-on for no reason at all, that they are being targeted for merely walking down the street. The cruising web site suggests that the homosexuals are not always innocent passers-by. However, don?t expect the media to expose this seedy side of the gay rights movement.