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A former freelance producer/correspondent for CNN, Reuters Television and CBN News says that she is disgusted by how the U.S. television networks are facilitating terrorist military and propaganda operations. Theresia Whitfield says that “one has to question the loyalty of our own American owned networks, including and specifically NBC.”

Whitfield (Yetman was her maiden name) explains, “I find it interesting that Lisa Myers, Senior Investigative Correspondent [for NBC News], was recently able to do an exclusive interview with a senior Taliban commander who calls himself ‘Commander Ismail.’ Granted, the network didn’t actually send her but rather some poor underpaid producer and photographer working in the region risking their lives for the glory that will never come. I know-I’ve been that producer?while they were probably taken on a ride miles out of the way, probably blind-folded; you can’t tell me that these people couldn’t have been tracked by the CIA, the FBI, the NSA or someone else with some other acronym and authority. You can’t convince me that these news people could get in good with this top secret terrorist and NOT tell the United States government that they were having a top secret meeting.”

She adds, “It’s OK for them to spill the beans about everything the White House does, but Heaven forbid they should tell the Bush Administration where some of the terrorists are or that they’re having tea and a casual chat? Come on. Now who’s bordering on treason? Al-Jazeera [is our friend] compared to what our own media will do to the United States with our backs turned. It’s a travesty. They should be charged with treason when they do these types of stories and don’t report their sources to the proper officials.”

The December 27 report in question about “Commander Ismail”  was narrated by Myers, who said that “In his first interviews with Western media, Ismail brags about killing three Navy Seals this summer, then downing a Chinook helicopter that came to rescue them, killing another 16 Americans.” Myers explained, “NBC News interviewed Ismail in August and again this month. Both times, the Taliban made sure we could not provide their location to the U.S. military. An NBC producer was taken on a confusing seven hour odyssey to an unknown location, where Ismail then appeared.” Myers said that NBC News “provided details of the interview to U.S. intelligence.” But this was not done so that U.S. officials could apprehend the terrorist.  Instead, this was done so that senior officials could say that “his claims are consistent with what they know about the battle, and they have no reason to believe that the man is not Commander Ismail.”

So NBC News obtained an interview with a terrorist killer of American military personnel. That’s just great, isn’t it? What a scoop!

What’s next? Exclusive footage of American troops being massacred while NBC News and Commander Ismail look on and film it for the evening news?

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