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As the House Judiciary Committee votes on authorizing a presidential impeachment inquiry, chairman Henry Hyde has carefully refused to limit the investigation to information contained in Ken Starr’s report to Congress. This is critically important because there is a lot of information relating to impeachable offenses that is not in the Starr report. Indeed, Starr has not vigorously pursued some of the most telling scandals of the Clinton Administration.

But Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch has, and his organization has now submitted its own 145 page report to Congress. This explosive report is available from the web site of Judicial Watch and, at the end of this broadcast, we’ll tell you where you can get it. Klayman is blunt in his language, accusing the president and Hillary Clinton of being members of a “criminal enterprise.” His report covers the sale of seats on international trade missions for political contributions, the use of the IRS for political purposes, and the use of FBI files for blackmail purposes.

On that latter point, the Filegate scandal, the Judicial Watch report points out that it appears that independent counsel Ken Starr has not conducted much of an investigation at all. Judicial Watch has deposed several key Filegate witnesses, including top White House officials, only to discover that they have never been interviewed by Starr’s office. But when Judicial Watch recently tried to depose Linda Tripp about her knowledge of Filegate, Starr’s office intervened to try to stop the proceeding.

Judicial Watch got involved because it has filed a lawsuit on behalf of some former government officials whose files were illegally obtained by then-White House director of personnel security, Craig Livingstone. Hillary Clinton, a defendant in Klayman’s suit, was questioned by Ken Starr’s office for only about nine minutes on the subject of Filegate, even though it has been reported that she hired Livingstone. Judicial watch eventually hopes to depose Mrs. Clinton on the matter. When it deposed White House officials Thomas “Mack” McLarty and Terry Good about Filegate, it discovered that they had never been interviewed by Starr’s office.

Klayman’s report is far more devastating that Ken Starr’s report, and it doesn’t contain any sex. This document outlines a pattern of unlawful activities engaged in by the administration. If Congress decides not to pursue this material, it could add to the perception that members of the House and Senate are being intimidated or blackmailed. The Judicial Watch report documents several instances in which the White House has tried to smear or discredit its political enemies, including by using embarrassing information from their backgrounds. Did any of this information come from those FBI files?

This report also includes several items we have discussed on previous broadcasts, such as the use of private investigators by President Clinton’s attorneys, and the refusal by former Clinton White House staffer George Stephanopoulos to name those allies of the administration who have promised to “take down” those members of Congress opposing Clinton. You can find the Judicial Watch report at their web site: That’s

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