Accuracy in Media

      Our media have strange priorities. They ooze with compassion over people getting AIDS, a mostly sexually transmitted disease, but they celebrate the father of the sexual revolution — Hugh Hefner, who just turned 75 years old. HIV and AIDS are the legacy of Hugh Hefner and his sexual revolution. News reports celebrated his birthday, as if he’s someone to be honored and respected. In truth, he’s a sick and dirty old man.

      The CBS Early Show with Bryant Gumbel went further than most, assigning a female correspondent, Hattie Kaufman, to go to Hefner’s Playboy mansion and do a feature about him. Gumbel called it “a birthday visit.” Kaufman called the mansion “a Pleasure dome for singles and celebrities.” She called him “Hef.” There he was in his bathrobe with his Playmates, bunnies and centerfolds, smiling and describing how he had liberated America from its Puritanism.

      Liberation? The head of a Pentagon health committee says the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, in the military has reached such epidemic proportions that it is a real threat to military readiness. He says there are 15.3 million new cases of STDs in America every year. In the civilian and military population today, one out of five Americans has an STD. The problem is even worse abroad, especially in Africa, where about 30 million people are estimated to have HIV or AIDS.

      What would you think about putting Hugh Hefner in charge of stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases? The Bush Administration has come close to that, announcing that a gay Republican activist, Scott Evertz, will run the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. Obviously, Evertz will not promote the message that homosexual sodomy spreads AIDS. The Bush White House has decided to be politically correct. With this approach, the AIDS epidemic is guaranteed to get worse. Another open gay has been appointed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to help him make personnel decisions at the Pentagon.

      As for Hefner, researcher Judith Reisman conducted a 1989 study that found that Playboy had run numerous images and even cartoons depicting children as sexual objects or enjoying themselves as sexual partners of adults. The magazine has celebrated the use of illegal drugs such as LSD and cocaine, and Playboy money has gone into the movements for abortion rights, homosexual rights and legalized drugs, as well as the Democratic Party. Back in 1985 former Playboy Playmate Miki Garcia and former Playboy bunny Brenda MacKillop testified before the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography. Garcia, who worked for Playboy for ten years, said she knew of Playmates who suffered from venereal diseases, who had attempted suicide, who had procured abortions, used illegal drugs, and engaged in orgies to please Hugh Hefner.

      Brenda MacKillop, a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles, testified that illegal drug use, group sex, and homosexuality were common in the Playboy mansion and that she began to drink and use drugs to desensitize her mind to the seamy world in which she found herself. This is the world celebrated by the media.

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