Accuracy in Media

One of the fascinating aspects of liberal media bias is how obvious the bias can be.  A case in point is a July 12th story on the CBS Evening News by Wyatt Andrews on one of the big issues in the campaign and where the candidates stand on it.  The issue, he said, was “the high cost of child care.”  The criticism of John Kerry was that he wasn’t liberal enough.

The notion that day care is harmful to children was not even on the table.  Yet it is the subject of an explosive book, The Day Care Deception, by Brian Robertson of the Family Research Council.  He says the evidence shows that day care is a serious risk, both to children’s normal development and to their health.  Child psychologist Jay Belsky says studies from the National Institute for Child Health Development demonstrate that non-parental care is correlated to aggression in children

Wyatt Andrews simply ignored this.  In the words of a parent interviewed in the story, the only issue was whether he could afford “good day care” or “not-so-good day care,” in terms of cost.  The assumption was that all day care was good, but that some was better than others.  Parents were not interviewed about the option of taking care of their own children.

President Bush, who promotes more tax relief for parents with children, was portrayed as opposed to the interests of families because he doesn’t target this assistance only to parents working outside the home.  Bush, said Andrews, “doesn’t have a brand new child care proposal?”  Or, to put it another way, Andrews said that “The Bush campaign does not promise new money for child care?”  The working parents in the Andrews piece were depicted as traditional Republicans who were drawn to Kerry’s proposal to spend more taxpayer dollars on day care.

The other approach, not even mentioned by Wyatt Andrews and CBS News, is to cut taxes for families to allow them to make it on one income and provide mothers the opportunity to stay home and care for their children.  In contrast to the parents in the Andrews story, polls show that the majority of mothers would like the opportunity to stay home and care for their children.  That means cutting taxes for families to allow them to make it on one income.  The point of view completely missing from the Andrews story is that a specific tax credit should be made available to families of stay-at-home parents as well.  Senator Lisa Murkowski has introduced such a proposal for parents with children up to age six.

The liberal assumption in the Andrews story is that the federal government has an obligation to use tax dollars to pay for day care for children of parents who decide to work outside the home.  That means giving parents an additional tax credit if their kids are in day care.  But seen from a non-liberal point of view, that constitutes discrimination against parents who stay home with their children.  But that point of view was nowhere to be found in the Andrews story on CBS News.  The bias is explained by the liberal mentality that is dominant at news organizations like CBS.  They simply assume that women should be working outside the home and that the federal government should pick up the bill and raise their children.

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