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It?s a dirty job but somebody?s got to do it. And Peter LaBarbera, a former associate of Accuracy in Media, has been exposing the ugly truth about the homosexual rights movement, including its supporters in the mainstream media. The latest issue of his Lambda Report Digest carries a page one photo that got our attention. In fact, we had to look at it several times. The photo was taken at the national convention of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. It showed a person with a woman?s name who is identified as a copy editor at the New York Times. The person is wearing a blouse and culottes. But Pete says the “she” is a “he,” and that this particular homosexual journalist is of the “transgender” variety. That is, “she” is a man who likes to dress like a woman.

This is where the media are heading in their quest for tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle. But that?s not all. The story about the convention, written by Brian Fitzpatrick, reveals that CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl delivered the opening address. This is confirmed by a photo showing Stahl at the podium in front of a big banner saying, “National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.” You can see this and other photos at the Lambda Report web site, found at: www. americans for truth dot com.

In his keynote speech, journalist Charles Kaiser boasted that “the editor and the publisher of every major news organization in America, except for Peter Jennings, has by now attended [one of our events].” More than 200 people registered for the event, many of them openly homosexual. They included the managing editor of the Dallas Morning News, a former CBS News radio vice president, and the politics editor of the Washington Post style section.

We are living during a time when “hate crimes” against homosexuals get tremendous media coverage. But hate against conservative Christians is a non-story, even though Fitzpatrick says he encountered open hostility toward religion at the gay journalists convention. He heard New York Daily News deputy Sunday Magazine editor Kevin Hayes refer to a leading Christian minister and critic of homosexuality as an expletive deleted. Other critics of homosexuality were compared to the KKK and Nazis.

Media organizations which underwrote the convention included NBC News, Times Inc., Turner Broadcasting, Knight-Ridder, the Washington Post and Fox News Network. That?s right – Fox News. This is supposed to be a conservative network. ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, and USA Today all sent recruiters to the event, to hire open gays as journalists. Fitzpatrick comments, “By treating the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association as a legitimate counterpart to black and Hispanic journalists? associations, these media organizations showed that they agree with the notion that homosexuals, a group defined by behavior rather than immutable characteristics, constitute a bona fide minority.”

Based on the involvement of that man dressed as a woman, it appears that this behavior includes cross-dressing and perhaps even having medical operations to change one?s sex. Down the road, the media might have us believe that having sex with children is just another sexual orientation.

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