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Linda Tripp’s Fear of President Clinton

Linda Tripp’s grand jury testimony should stimulate more interest in the Foster case. She told the grand jury that she was afraid of “this administration.” She said, “I have what I consider to be well-founded fears of what they are capable of.” She said she made a decision to go public “based on what I felt I knew to be the possibilities that could befall me.” She said that the murder of Jerry Parks two months after Foster’s death, “replicated in my mind some of the behavior following the death of Vince Foster.”

Jerry Parks had been in charge of security for the Clinton campaign headquarters in 1992, and his wife and son have claimed that he had accumulated a dossier on Clinton that included not only his womanizing but also his use of drugs. Parks was gunned down in broad daylight while driving on a street in Little Rock in September 1993. His widow told Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Sunday Telegraph that when Parks saw a report of Foster’s death on TV, he exclaimed, “I am a dead man.”

Evans-Pritchard devotes a full chapter of his book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,” to what he was told by Parks’ widow and son. They explained in detail why they believed Clinton was responsible for Parks’ death. Evans-Pritchard acknowledged that much of it lacked any corroboration, but he thought it was important to make it public. He said Mrs. Parks was a very religious person with a good reputation for honesty.

We at Accuracy in Media have not previously reported what Mrs. Parks told Evans-Pritchard because of the lack of corroboration and because some of her claims seemed implausible. We were inclined to doubt her claim that Foster had hired Parks to do surveillance on Gov. Bill Clinton at the request of Hillary. We took with a grain of salt the story that just before Foster died, he told Parks he was going to turn his file over to Hillary and that Parks vigorously objected, fearing that it would put him in serious jeopardy. We were skeptical because the widow had waited four years before revealing her claim of close ties between her husband and Vince Foster.

Linda Tripp’s testimony before the grand jury provides some substantiation of the Foster-Parks link. Tripp testified that when Parks was murdered, “A fax came across the fax machine in the counsel’s office from someone within the White House. I think it was from Skip Rutherford. At the same time the fax was coming, phone calls were coming up to Bernie Nussbaum which precipitated back and forth meetings behind closed doors, all with, you know, we have to have copies of this fax…and it created a stir in the counsel’s office.”

Why would the death of Jerry Parks be of any interest to Bernie Nussbaum, a New Yorker? Why would it give rise to closed door discussions involving senior people from the office of the White House Chief of Staff? This appears to confirm that Parks had a significant relationship with Vince Foster. We will discuss this further in our next commentary.