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It’s official: an NBC television drama program called “West Wing,” which is supposed to be fiction, is being used to disseminate liberal propaganda to the American people – and even public school students—on matters of interest and concern to the Clinton White House. An article in Time magazine claims the show has become “a national civics lesson” giving us the liberal view on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues. Time reveals that one issue people can look forward to on the show is paying reparations to blacks as compensation for slavery. Interestingly, that was recently picked up by the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

Most people who watch the show think they’re just being entertained. In fact, they’re being brainwashed into thinking that being left-wing is patriotic and that conservatives are extremists. We?ve commented previously that the NBC show “West Wing” features the Clinton White House without Clinton. The president in the show, played by actor Martin Sheen, is a liberal with integrity. Most of the show involves his liberal staffers heroically leaving their imprint on public policy. Frankly, it’s rather boring. But we realize now, more than ever, that it deserves our serious attention.

Time magazine disclosed that one of the actors, who was on Capitol Hill having lunch with a friend, was approached by a half-dozen lobbyists to drop off business cards and ideas for future plot lines “that favored their clients.” The magazine added, “The staff of Michigan Representative John Conyers helpfully sent along 200 pages of material on the issue of paying reparations to black Americans as compensation for slavery – a topic that figured in an earlier episode.”

Obviously, Conyers wants the issue discussed on the show so it enters the consciousness of the American people and gets debated and even hearings on Capitol Hill. Conyers is proposing a commission to study the idea. Reparations could amount to $1 trillion out of the American taxpayers’ pockets.

There’s reason to believe that Conyers will get his way and that the program will take up the issue in more depth in the future. Three veteran Democrats are currently identified as advisers to the show. They are former Clinton White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers, former Carter official Patrick Caddell, and former Senate Democratic aide Lawrence O’Donnell. Time magazine said one recent episode, dealing with U.S. foreign policy toward Pakistan, was praised by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. We wonder what she would think of an episode on missing lap top computers and security problems at the State Department. Somehow we doubt that “West Wing” will examine that problem.

Despite its bias, Time magazine says its “education content” has led to the distribution by NBC of “study guides” to high schools around the country. It says that “teachers have given the show high marks.” Are these the same teachers who belong to the National Education Association and back Clinton-Gore? That’s our suspicion. It appears that watching the show has become required of some public school students. Parents should be on the lookout for that.

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