Accuracy in Media

The left is preparing to up the ante in what they see as their bid to take control of Congress and the White House. They announced their plans in a Washington Post story on August 7, describing how at least 80 wealthy Democratic Party supporters each pledged to put up at least $200,000 a year for five years, with an overall goal of raising $200 million dollars to invest in “a network of think tanks and advocacy groups.”

This follows the intervention of billionaire George Soros in the 2004 presidential election, using a loophole in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law which was supposed to keep the evil influence of money out of politics.

The seeds were planted last April in Scottsdale, Arizona, when Soros, who spent $23 million of his own money trying to defeat George Bush, assembled a gathering of 70 liberal millionaires and billionaires to plan what amounts to a political  takeover of the U.S. government. In order to reach this goal, conservative voices, especially in the media, must be silenced.

Ironically, the Post says the group is called the Democracy Alliance. The paper reports the Alliance is the “brainchild of longtime Democratic strategist Rob Stein, who spent years studying conservative groups-in particular their success in sustaining GOP politicians and achieving many of their policy goals.” He is working with Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, who said that liberals and Democrats now face a conservative “information age Tammany Hall, a 21st century political machine, that is simply better than what we have on our side.”

What in fact they can’t stand is that the left no longer has a near-monopoly on the flow of information to the public.

One aspect of the strategy involves using media “watchdog” groups like David Brock’s Media Matters for America and various liberal and left-wing blogs. Their side demonstrated its strategy and tactics during last year’s campaign when it protested Sinclair Broadcasting’s plan to air a documentary viewed by the left as scurrilous and full of lies about John Kerry. The film simply recounted the testimony of former U.S. POWs during the Vietnam War who said that Kerry’s Senate testimony accusing American soldiers of war crimes was used to torture them. The Sinclair network, which is in fact a station group and not a network, has as its largest market, Minneapolis-St. Paul, the 14th largest market in the country, and reaches a total of 24 percent of the country. But the intimidation campaign forced Sinclair to only air a few minutes of the Kerry documentary.

Another one of their targets is Fox News Channel, which averages about two-million viewers for each of its prime-time shows, and has lately been preoccupied with tabloid TV topics such as the Holloway case.

It’s important to see through the left’s rhetoric. The left is making the argument that the mainstream media are lapdogs for the Bush administration and its corporate masters. But they utilize media properties such as the Sundance Channel, which endlessly ran and reran the TV version of the Al Franken Bush-bashing radio show from the scandal-plagued Air America radio network, and on the last night before the election ran back-to-back-to-back anti-Bush “documentaries.” As soon as the election was over, it stopped carrying Franken’s show, though it’s now back with its multiple reruns every night. Sundance Channel is partly owned by Viacom, which also owns CBS.

Other “corporate media” such as NBC’s Law and Order program sometimes carry story lines designed to show the Republicans and the Bush administration in a negative light. And Bill Maher, the comedian/political commentator, spews his Bush hatred weekly on HBO, a division of Time Warner. Plus, the left has Hollywood at its disposal. But that’s not enough. They want it all. They intend to drown out any and all dissenting voices. And they’ve got the millions-no, the billions-that could make it possible.

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