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The media missed it, but the federal Environment Protection Agency, the EPA, has just issued a report that is designed to further the process of getting the United States to enforce a treaty on global warming that hasn?t been submitted to, let alone ratified, but the Senate. It sounds like a possible impeachable offense.

This latest attempt to ignore the Congress comes in the form of an EPA report about greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. EPA claims the report is required of the United States and other developed countries under a 1992 U.N. treaty on climate change, a weak and vague document, but its real purpose is to lay the groundwork for implementing the Kyoto Protocol to the treaty. The Kyoto Protocol is commonly referred to as the global warming treaty. It requires that the United States make drastic cutbacks in the use of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. These cutbacks could raise gas prices by 25 cents a gallon.

At a time when the nation seems awash in cheap gas, much of it foreign oil, this development may not be taken that seriously. But there is another issue involved in the EPA?s action?Clinton?s use of executive power to pursue an agenda that he can?t get through Congress. This raises serious legal and constitutional issues.

Another example is Clinton?s decision to re-nominate Bill Lann Lee as assistant attorney general in charge of civil rights. Since the Senate refused to approve his nomination last year, the media have portrayed the controversy over Lee as just a turf battle between the president and Congress. In fact, this demonstrates Clinton?s complete disregard for the Constitution. Rather than withdraw the nomination when the Senate rejected him, Clinton put him in the position anyway making him “acting” assistant attorney general in charge of civil rights. Roger Clegg of the Center for Equal opportunity states flatly that the appointment was both illegal and unconstitutional.

The Senate rejected him because Lee is a strong advocate of racial quotas and preferences. Nevertheless, he has been serving in his position for almost a year, putting the Justice Department on record in favor of his controversial policies. Now, Clinton has further insulted the Senate by nominating him. And if the Senate doesn?t go along, Clinton will simply keep him in the post anyway, continuing policies that one?s race is more important than credentials and qualifications. This issue deserves far more coverage than it is getting. We suspect that our so-called adversary press have played down the implications of this controversy because they use racial preferences in their own news organizations. The American society of Newspaper Editors is dedicated to assuring “diversity” in the newsroom at any cost, even if more qualified people don?t get the jobs and the promotions.

In the case of Bill Lann Lee, however, we are dealing with the law and the Constitution. The same goes for using the EPA to implement a treaty that hasn?t been ratified. This controversy may not be as titillating as Monica Lewinsky walking out of a book-signing, but it is far more important in the long run.

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