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Judicial Watch has performed a public service by posting 50 pages of FBI documents about John Kerry’s involvement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War, VVAW.  The problem is that the media aren’t interested in what they have to say.  They show that members of VVAW were close to the Communist Party USA and collaborated with the enemy, communist North Vietnam.

The FBI documents refer to the “possible violence-prone posture” of VVAW and how the group is coming under “subversive influence or control.”  Critics might say this is just heated rhetoric from an FBI that was determined to discredit the anti-war movement, but the facts in the documents demonstrate why this group came under surveillance.  It worked hand-in-glove with the regime killing Americans on the battlefield.

The documents on several occasions report that Kerry believed that one of the founders of VVAW, Al Hubbard, who claimed to be a decorated Vietnam vet, had never served in Vietnam, and had never been a member of the military.  One document says, “John Kerry again attempted to have Al Hubbard voted off the executive committee as Kerry stated he did not think Hubbard ever served in Vietnam or was ever in service.”  But the FBI reported that “Hubbard has strong backing in the VVAW organization since he is one of the original founders and is friendly with most of the executive committee members.”  Kerry and Hubbard appeared together on Meet the Press on behalf of the VVAW.

Who was Al Hubbard?  He may have been more than a phony vet; the FBI documents refer to his travels abroad and association with the Communist Party USA. One document discusses Hubbard’s visit to Paris to meet with representatives of communist North Vietnam.  Hubbard is quoted as saying the communists invited him and members of the then-Moscow-funded Communist Party USA.  A document reports that Hubbard even said his trip to Paris “was financed by the CPUSA.”  The document says that Hubbard was trying to arrange for VVAW to accept American POWs released by Hanoi.

There are two references in the FBI documents to VVAW members making propaganda tapes for Radio Hanoi.  One says, “Tapes would be sent from the United States to North Vietnam to broadcast over Radio Hanoi to get U.S. servicemen to stop fighting in Vietnam?”  One VVAW employee is said to have traveled to Hanoi in August 1971 “and talked with several North Vietnam representatives.  He said the reason for his trip to Hanoi ties in with the international action of active duty people to demonstrate against the Vietnam War.”

John Kerry’s involvement in such a group is far more controversial than the President’s National Guard record.  As one of the FBI documents put it, VVAW had moved beyond “legitimate antiwar protest” to becoming a security threat to the U.S.  On National Review online, Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, said that Kerry’s accusations of U.S. soldiers committing war crimes in Vietnam sounded “exactly like the disinformation line that the Soviets were sowing worldwide throughout the Vietnam era.”

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