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You know that liberal media bias is getting bad when even the liberal papers take note of it.  Such was the case when a recent convention of minority journalists erupted into strong applause and a standing ovation for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.  USA Today ran a story about the event, noting that, “Journalists usually are polite but not enthusiastic when politicians speak at their conferences.  In the USA, at least, most reporters and editors try to appear to be non-partisan.”

That preceded the statement that Kerry “got an enthusiastic response” from delegates to the Unity 2004 convention for minority journalists.  “There was applause nearly 50 times during his address,” the paper reported.  USA Today then quoted one participant as saying he was uncomfortable being at a journalists’ convention that was so partisan.  An expert on journalistic ethics said journalists who engage in such overt political behavior risk losing their credibility.  Wake up to the real world of liberal media bias. These warnings are too late.  The credibility of these minority journalists, who are supported and employed by all the Big Media companies, is already in tatters.

The Trade publication, Editor & Publisher, was forced to concede that Bush received “a polite reception” from the group, in contrast to the standing ovation that met Kerry.  There can be no doubt?journalists are out of the closet in terms of their political preferences in this election year.

This blatant journalistic endorsement of the Kerry-Edwards ticket comes in the wake of the admission by Evan Thomas of Newsweek that media bias in favor of the Kerry-Edwards ticket may be worth 15 points to the Democrats trying to beat Bush.  You’ve seen the bias in action in the almost universal media condemnation of the anti-Kerry ad produced by Vietnam veterans who served with him.  The media have featured claims by Senator McCain that the ad is dishonest, without asking him for any proof. They have also ignored the fact that McCain joined Kerry in normalizing diplomatic and trade relations with Communist Vietnam, a policy opposed by many Vietnam vets who wanted a full accounting of our POW/MIAs.

Kerry’s support from the media partly stems from the fact that so many journalists are themselves liberal Democrats.  But he has also pandered to them, telling the convention that he would “give minorities a stronger voice in the country’s affairs by giving them more power in the news media.”  That’s the way Knight Ridder newspapers reported it.  At the end of this account, reporter Steven Thomma noted that, “Kerry was warmly received by the journalists, many of whom gave him a standing ovation.”  

The Los Angeles Times account of the Kerry speech said that he told the convention that “there were too few minority editors, anchors, news executives and owners of media organizations,” and that Kerry said, “I look around at all the talent in this room and I say to the management of these organizations, we can do better, and we should.”  No wonder he got a standing ovation and strong applause.  Kerry and his groupies must know this would guarantee even more liberal bias in the newsroom.

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