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Liberal columnist E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post takes exception to the use of the term “Massachusetts liberal.” He claims his blue-collar hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts was “pro-family” and “as conservative in its values as you could imagine-family, church, neighborhood, hard work and patriotism were the drill.” The problem is that their politicians and media do not share those values.

Consider the response of the Boston Globe to the decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court on February 4 that the state must grant marriage licenses to homosexuals without a vote of the people. It welcomed the ruling in an editorial that urged the legislature not to pass a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage.

Attorney Ed Pawlick’s new book, Libel by the New York Times, makes the case that the Boston Globe and the New York Times have played key roles in forcing the acceptance of homosexual marriage on the state through biased, distorted and even libelous reporting. The Globe is part of the New York Times Company. His book tells the story of Margaret Marshall, a supporter of homosexual marriage who is married to Times columnist Anthony Lewis and was installed as the Chief Justice on the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

It was Marshall and her entire court that allowed the legislature in 2002 to refuse to vote on a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage, even though supporters got 130,000 signatures and spent $1.7 million in the process to get the measure on the ballot. If the legislature had voted and approved-and only 25 percent approval was required-it would be on the ballot this year, 2004, and would ban homosexual marriage and civil unions.

In a statement about his book on his Massachusetts News website, Pawlick predicts that the Globe will simply ignore it or dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory.” But he says, “the evidence is too strong for that lie to work. They’ve left too big a trail that is easy for anyone to follow.” Pawlick names Times chairman and publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., as the ultimate force behind the campaign for homosexual marriage. His book claims Sulzberger “schemed” to have Marshall appointed to the court “so that he could begin to impose gay marriage across the nation.” He says Sulzberger is obsessed with the issue.

Last November Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry urged the state legislature to comply with what the court said and impose civil unions. Kerry said he favored civil unions but opposed homosexual marriage. But he also said on NBC’s Meet the Press in 2002 that the people had a right to vote on the state amendment that was proposed then banning homosexual marriages. When the Democratic Party violated the law and refused to vote on the amendment and put it on the ballot, Kerry kept quiet and failed to mention it again. If he and his fellow Democrats had acted, Massachusetts would be having a statewide referendum for an amendment in November this year to ban both gay marriage and civil unions. But Kerry wanted to have it both ways.

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