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      Weeks ago we reported on the National Enquirer’s expos? of Jesse Jackson’s misuse of his tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, the Citizenship Education Fund (CEF). The supermarket tabloid revealed that the CEF had paid his mistress, Karin Stanford, $40,000 to enable her to make a down payment on a costly home in Los Angeles. Ms. Stanford, quit as director of Jackson’s Washington office and moved to California after tests proved that Jackson was the father of her baby.

      Jackson admitted he was the father, but he had his spokesmen claim that the payment was a severance package that included consulting fees for work Stanford was going to do and her moving expenses. The big media accepted what the spokesmen told them, but the Enquirer soon proved them wrong. It had good sources within Jackson’s organization who had provided copies of two letters sent to the mistress, informing her that the CEF board had approved a forty-thousand-dollar draw to help her arrange financing for a home.

      These sources claimed that Ms. Stanford was getting about ten thousand dollars a month for child support. Jackson spokesmen denied this. They said he was paying her three thousand a month out of his own pocket. That seemed dubious for two reasons. First, the Enquirer was told that the CEF, is: “Jesse’s slush fund. All big checks come out of the CEF with no questions asked. Whenever Rev. Jackson wants money, he just has CEF write a check. There are no records kept about where the money is going.” If that is so, why would Jackson pay child support out of his own pocket?

      Second, since the payments on Ms. Stanford’s new home would be about twenty-five hundred a month, she would need more than three thousand to live on. The Washington Times has reported that Jackson got a billionaire friend in Los Angeles to hire her as a consultant for ten thousand a month, more than enough to support the child. On top of this, the Enquirer charged that Jackson has another lover on his payroll. Two employees in his Chicago office claimed that despite a salary freeze, he increased a married employee’s pay by one-third, gave her large cash gifts and had her travel with him.

      The woman denied all and threatened to sue, but her husband filed for divorce and won. Jesse Jackson’s reputation as a womanizer thirty years ago lives on. This pious pastor, who feared that his followers would desert him when his infidelity was exposed, is still revered by them. Jesse Jackson is a hypocrite and a terrible role model.

      His hypocrisy is not confined to his sexual conduct. The Chicago Sun-Times has exposed how Jackson extorts money from companies by threatening to use his influence to block mergers they are planning. When he demanded that GTE and Bell Atlantic show that their merger would benefit blacks, they donated a million dollars to Jackson’s CEF slush fund Bell Atlantic pledged to hire a firm owned by rich blacks to manage its pension fund. GTE sold a black multimillionaire pal of Jackson’s stock in one of its companies that was valued at over two hundred million dollars for only sixty million. Jesse Jackson is no Robin Hood, just a hood.

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