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The White House has initiated an outreach to Hispanics, but this is ridiculous. The author of the best-selling book, Invasion, has broken a story about how an illegal alien named Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez gained access to the White House grounds, the Pentagon and NASA, and rubbed elbows with Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne. Author Michelle Malkin, a stay-at-home Mom who writes a syndicated column, has proven to be more on top of the illegal alien problem than full-time veteran reporters in the major media.

This time, however, the media are paying attention. The New York Post ran her column on page five, together with a photo of the illegal alien and the Cheneys. Another photo showed him with former President Clinton. NBC News and Fox News also covered the controversy.

Malkin wrote, “My calls to the White House were unreturned. The Secret Service refused to comment. Hopefully, President Bush will have better luck getting answers. For if his own guardians can’t keep low-level, illegal border-crossing identity impostors out of the White House back yard, how in the world can we count on his administration to keep far more sophisticated, illegal-alien evildoers?like the five that President Bush personally ordered hunted down last week?out of ours?” She’s referring, of course, to the five illegals and possible terrorists who came in from Canada on Christmas eve. Nobody knows where they are, but Martinez-Gonzalez had been on the White House lawn, setting up party tents for a special event production company. Malkin reported that for two years he was a supervisor of tent installation for White House social events.

He had been ordered deported in February 2000, but was freed and stayed here by assuming a new identity. He purchased a birth certificate from Kelvin Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican national. Martinez-Gonzalez became Rodriguez, obtaining a Social Security card, a Maryland driver’s license and a U.S. passport. His company said his documents appeared to be in order. But Malkin said that immigration officials in 1998 had arrested two Mexican nationals working for the same company who were trying to gain access to the White House grounds using fake alien-registration cards.

On Fox News, Linda Chavez commented, “It was an illegal alien from Mexico who did it this time. There is no reason why it couldn’t be somebody … affiliated with a terrorist organization who could do it just as easily. Somebody in the Secret Service ought to be held accountable for this.” Martinez-Gonzalez was finally caught at the U.S.-Mexico border on December 2. He was then indicted for illegal re-entry into the United States and false passport crimes. If convicted, he faces imprisonment for up to two years on the illegal re-entry count and up to ten years on the false passport charge.

U.S. Attorney Michael T. Shelby said, “The apprehension of Mr. Martinez-Gonzalez and others like him who assume false identities to enter the United States illegally demonstrates that our emphasis on detecting these crimes is working.” Yes, but it took several years. How many more have NOT been apprehended?

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